3 responses to “Christian Liberty : Romans 14 & Meat Offered To Idols – Christmas, Hebrew Roots

  1. Today, there are the Wiccans who decorate their homes with traditions going back to the Druids which includes greenery, candles, wreaths and the decorated tree. So, if a Christian does the same today, they are doing just as the heathen do in worship to God. Deut. 12:29-32. A no-no in His sight! Not only that, they are disobeying the command to avoid all appearance of evil by looking just like the Wiccans in their Yuletide Season (OK, save the pentagram ornaments).


  2. The Apostle Paul knew the history of Israel’s and Judah’s syncretic worship of God and how severely He dealt with them after much warning and mercy toward them. Why, oh why, would anyone think Paul is talking about pagan rituals? No pagan ritual pointed to the true Messiah like the Jewish feasts did.


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