King James Bible Codes

Many KJV Onlyists want the preservation of the King James Bible because of the codes supposedly found in them. Here is an example of what I mean by Bible Codes (if there is no video you can look up bible codes on You Tube for plenty of examples):

Are Bible Codes legitimate? Or are they a form of gnostic or occultic knowledge obtained by manipulation? Many KJVO preachers and teachers (most of them false) have swayed their followers into believing this is God’s Word made more sure. Yet, the same Bible Codes method of the video above predicted a devastating earthquake in 2015 for California and  other BC scholars say that the Bible predicts Trump will be our next POTUS.* Would God be involved in that which is not a sure word?

Here is a link to show who is behind the Bible Codes/Torah Codes. No surprise. Sadly, there are Christians falling for this demonic gnosticism. We need to be discerning and willing to research our beliefs and the teachers we admire.

Here is Dave Hunt and T.A.McMahon’s Berean’s Call article on the subject: “Back to the Bible “Code”? ”

The reason Kabbalists forbid revising the text of the King James Version is that any changes would mess up the Hermetic codes which (they believe) reveal the ancient wisdom. Is retaining the “Bible codes” in the KJV—which will be used by Jewish and “Christian” Kabbalists to blaspheme Jesus Christ—the hidden agenda of David Bay and Gail Riplinger? (bold and italics mine)

*Yes, Trump did win but God never predicts things through occultic means. Remember, God did say if the thing the false prophet predicts comes to pass but it leads to another god, in this case, the belly, then it did not come from Him. Deuteronomy 13:1-3 God uses prophecy to test us to see if we will test the spirits and use discernment.


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