Audio Series on KJV Onlyism

Near the end of 2003, I gave a series of six lectures on KJV onlyism. The series was meant to be my testimony as a former KJV only advocate and the reasons I abandoned the belief system. Little did I realize at the time that those 6, short messages would stir up controversy in my life. I had many folks contact me through the website expressing their gratitude for doing the lectures, however, the bulk of the emails came from many folks condemning me for spreading lies and deceit and calling me to repentance. I am thankful for their criticisms, because they allowed me to sharpen my thinking and evaluate what I previously stated. Since I began solidifying my current convictions against KJV onlyism, I thought the need to return to the subject and expand the series to include discussion surrounding what I had learned from my research since presenting the first series. I wanted to provide more historical detail to the history of our Bible, as well as give a response to many of the objections I encountered against my series on internet forums devoted to KJV onlyism and from the personal emails people sent me. The original 6 Bible talks are still available, but the Lord willing, in the months to come, I do hope to provide a more indepth look at what is an important subject.

Go to Fred’s Bible Talk to hear the informative series of talks on the KJV Onlyism


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