The Cult of KJV Onylism

The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going. -Proverbs 14:15

This page will be for articles and videos about the cult of KJV Onlyism. This is NOT a slam against the KJV but rather against the foundation of lies that these cult members are believing as truth, even to the teaching of new private interpretations of Scriptures, twisted to fit their agenda, but its going to be to their own destruction if they do not repent.  Here are a few posts I have on this controversy:

The Copyrighted KJV 1611

G.A. (Gail) Riplinger Exposed

“God will not wink at sin or gloss over evil doing. Whether He be dealing in judgment with an individual or with a nation, that which has displeased Him must be rectified before there can be a return of His favour. It is useless to pray for His blessing while we refuse to put away that which has called down His curse. It is vain to talk about exercising faith in God’s promises until we have exercised repentance for our sins. Our idols must be destroyed before He will accept our worship.”

~ Arthur Pink, “The Life of Elijah”


Dr. D.A. Waite’s King James Only Seminar: Conclusion there is a series on Dr. Waite’s  seminar which this post’s author attended and if you click on his “KJVO” category you will find his assessments.

KJVO Articles by James May King James Only literature is notorious for poor research, unfounded assumptions, dogmatic nonsense, and just plain old foolishness…Any extensive reading of KJV literature will demonstrate that, as a general rule, such writings are sloppy in regard to grammar, punctuation, spelling, the reproduction of quotations, logic, and the presentation of supposed facts in the defense of the false position. Unfortunately this has not diminished their influence among large groups of conservative Christians. It may be hoped, however, that the continual exposure of undeniable, factual errors in King James Only literature will, over time, take its toll and enlighten the minds of those at least who have open hearts and are willing to hear the truth.

Westcott and Hort Resource Centre

Translation Errors in the KJV

King James Only? blog

When the Bible Becomes an Idol

King James Version Only? a vast resource page

Daniel B. WallaceExecutive Director of CSNTM & Senior Professor of NT Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

69 Questions for people who believe the King James is the only accurate translation

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15 responses to “The Cult of KJV Onylism

  1. Riplinger makes her case against “New Age Perversions” using numerology-an occultic practice of Kabbala~

    FTA: The reason Kabbalists forbid revising the text of the King James Version is that any changes would mess up the Hermetic codes which (they believe) reveal the ancient wisdom. Is retaining the “Bible codes” in the KJV—which will be used by Jewish and “Christian” Kabbalists to blaspheme Jesus Christ—the hidden agenda of David Bay and Gail Riplinger? (bold and italics mine)

    “Christian” cabalists are those who have infiltrated the Christian Church to spew false doctrine. They are said to be Jews who do not recognize Jesus as their Messiah-the Sent One. In the above link’s preceding chapter, I believe, it said that their influence was well received by the Roman Catholic Church. King James, however, did not like any of the shenanigans they were playing with their gematria. Even today they use the KJV for their Bible Codes theology and are very adamant that the KJV must not be altered or it will change the very Word of God. This is why one must run from those who would say that the KJV is the inspired Word of God instead of saying that it is the preserved Word of God. And if they say it cannot be translated into a modern version (only of which it really does no harm to the Author’s intent) then be skeptical as to the reason why.

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    • FTA: The KJV Only controversy is, in reality, a non-issue when compared with the serious challenges that face the Christian Church today. That so much time and effort has to be put into debunking the wild allegations of such individuals as Gail Riplinger is more of an indication of how easily American Christianity is distracted from its true purpose than anything else…One of our faithful volunteers called one afternoon to let me know about “some lady” who would be on a local radio talk program presenting the KJV Only viewpoint. I was just heading out, so I turned on the radio on the way home. I was utterly amazed at what I heard. Not only was the information I heard badly flawed, but no one was calling in to respond to her position. Everyone was simply buying into it. By the time I arrived home it was impossible to call into the program, but I did wish to speak to the host of the program to see if there would be any possibility of providing a response to what had been said.
      This led to two, half-hour programs on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. The host informed me that his guest, Gail Riplinger, author of the book New Age Bible Versions, would not debate anyone who had not read her book. Hence, I needed to read her nearly 700 page book prior to doing any programs. As I knew that this teaching had destroyed many churches in the past, I set aside a number of projects and dove into the book in the days immediately prior to the programs.
      Below I provide the text of the notes I took with me into the radio studio the first afternoon. Upon completing these notes, I shall review Mrs. Riplinger’s response from the radio program.

      Read more here: Why Respond to Gail Riplinger?

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