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    1. I believe tongues speaking is in a known language though not known to the speaker but to a certain hearer or hearers in their language and it would be of the Gospel.


  1. I have noticed many Christians and non-Christians purchasing adult coloring books. I decided to look them up and of course I should have known it has something to do with new age meditation. Of course I get scoffed at about it 😦
    There is a very good tract about adult coloring books on the Lighthouse Trails Research website. (I have found them to be very Biblically sound in their researches). I even found out while searching their site that the college our son has been attending has been listed as one that promotes contemplative spirituality (also called spiritual formation) 😦 He has taken this semester off as he struggles with what he wants to study. Praying now that he doesn’t go back so no more monies support them from our side…)

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    1. LTR is one of my favorite apologetics’ site. You have my prayers! It seems, in this day and age, that pragmatism with its false teachings are permeating everywhere that once was biblically sound. 😦

      I like doodling and coloring and I almost bought an adult coloring book. The price was way too much-12.99! And that’s the thing-buy it at that high price against one’s better judgement and then follow what they say to do while coloring (I’m not convinced that christianizing the meditations are approved of God). We, as humans, tend to defend that which we pour money into. I did not want to go there before God. It’s not “just a harmless” coloring book…

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    1. I am also in a struggle right now…not sure if I did what the Lord wanted me to do…There is a 32 year old man that tried to commit suicide by a self inflicted gunshot. By the grace of God he lived. Here is my struggle…he has lived with many people who have ended up telling him he needed to leave because of eradicte behavior and not able to hold down a job to get himself together. He was finally able to secure a job and get himself a trailer. He also gets help from the VA. Well now because of some BAD choices he made he is back 3 months on rent and AGAIN has no job. I have spent many days with him encouraging him in the Lord and I told him to go to his landlord and apologize for the rent situation and see what they can workout. He got nasty about it and said a few things I won’t repeat. 2 days later he is asking me if I have a room for rent. He was kicked out. He told me it was a “long story”. I told him no. We have had many people allowed to live in our home and after the last episode I felt like we were allowing spirits into our home that were not of God. I need to know if I am wrong against the Lord on this…


      1. No! Sometimes our help is a hindrance to God’s work in a person. Pray for him but he is an adult and he needs to take responsibility for his life. Only help him in that direction. I’ve been “there” in both ways-helping people who do not know Jesus Christ with room and board (the one never paid the rent as he said he would nor did the other do much in the way of helping out)-and not helping them. My husband and I decided “no more” since it caused too much stress and I was not happy hearing God’s name blasphemed as if it were no big deal. Now, if this was someone who was responsible and hard working and of integrity my answer would be “yes” on helping him. This is my opinion based on my experience but the scripture that comes to mind is this: “If a man will not work he shall not eat.”

        It sounds harsh, and it is, and you may very well feel awful about it but sometimes we just have to get out of God’s way. BTW, the two men I had this similar situation with did come to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They also found much better help through social services and friends than I could ever have given them. And these were two men that I would have given my right arm for-I loved them that much. One has since passed away but the other is much blessed and loved-and he doesn’t hate me anymore.

        God bless you in this situation, Elizabeth. I know the struggle you are facing-its no easy decision when it is someone you deeply care for. You have my prayers, sis~


    2. It was God who hardened Pharoah’s heart in two ways: One way was because Pharoahs were gods in their estimation and the people believed it to be true and worshiped him as such. So, the Pharoah was hardly going to allow for a God greater than himself! “Who is this God that i should worship Him?” It just got his goat that there was this God of the {gasp!} lowliest of human life, the Hebrew slaves, who dared to be declared as God over him! Also, God hardened his heart to fulfill His purposes for Israel and for us, too.

      I gotta say, it does make me chuckle a bit reading about our God making a mockery of Egypt’s false, impotent gods through those plagues…


  2. Here’s why I ask: I want to get rid of one of my blogs, A Joyous Rejoicing, because it is just too much for me. I want to direct my followers to your blog since it is about the same but far better. I mean that-you have a wonderful encouraging blog that I think my readers would really like moreso than mine. Would you mind? What you need to do, though, is get the email Follow button put up (or have you done that already?). I have you in my Reader but I hardly go there, so it would be a blessing for me to receive your updates in my email instead. Plus, there are many who are not with WP to get your updates that way-they need the email Follow button.

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        1. Yes! I thought the same, too. The song, Take My Life, keeps running through my head of late. I’m humbled, too, by His use of me….

          God bless you in all that you do for His Kingdom, by His power and for His glory, amen! \o/

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  3. Sherry, I have something about Calvin and Holy Days, a scholarly post from Purely Presbyterian.

    John Calvin and Holy Days


    The Geneva council which had abolished holy days, later re-instituted some observance, and Calvin complied that we know of from 1551 through the mid to late 1550s, and preached on such occasions to avoid contention for the good of the distressed church at the time. Yet Calvin’s tolerance of following the calendar to a degree hardly constitutes an endorsement. In a practice those who are determined to still make use of these days for preaching should emulate, the Reformer in a sermon soon after this re-institution, warned against the superstition and abuses attendant of the observance of the old pretended holy days of the ‘ecclesiastical year.’ In a sermon in a series on the Prophet Micah, Calvin preached,

    “Now, I see here today more people that I am accustomed to having at the sermon. Why is that? It is Christmas day. And who told you this? You poor beasts. That is a fitting euphemism for all of you who have come here today to honor Noel. Did you think you would be honoring God? Consider what sort of obedience to God your coming displays. In your mind, you are celebrating a holiday for God, or turning today into one but so much for that. In truth, as you have often been admonished, it is good to set aside one day out of the year in which we are reminded of all the good that has occurred because of Christ’s birth in the world, and in which we hear the story of his birth retold, which will be done Sunday. But if you think that Jesus Christ was born today, you are as crazed as wild beasts. For when you elevate one day alone for the purpose of worshiping God, you have just turned it into an idol. True, you insist that you have done so for the honor of God, but it is more for the honor of the devil.

    “Let us consider what our Lord has to say on the matter. Was it not Saul’s intention to worship God when he spared Agag, the king of the Amalekites, along with the best spoils and cattle? He says as much: ‘I want to worship God.’ Saul’s tongue was full of devotion and good intention. but what was the response he received? ‘You soothsayer! You heretic! You apostate! You claim to be honoring God, but God rejects you and disavows all that you have done.’ Consequently, the same is true of our actions. For no day is superior to another. It matters not whether we recall our Lord’s nativity on a Wednesday, Thursday, or some other day. But when we insist on establishing a service of worship based on our whim, we blaspheme God, and create an idol, though we have done it all in the name of God. And when you worship God in the idleness of a holiday spirit, that is a heavy sin to bear, and one which attracts others about it, until we reach the height of iniquity. Therefore, let us pay attention to what Micah is saying here, that God must not only strip away things that are bad in themselves, but must also eliminate anything that might foster superstition. Once we have understood that, we will no longer find it strange that Noel is not being observed today, but that on Sunday we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper and recite the story of the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. But all those who barely know Jesus Christ, or that we must be subject to him, and that God removes all those impediments that prevent us from coming to him, these folk, I say, will at best grit their teeth. They came here in anticipation of celebrating a wrong intention, but will leave with it wholly unfulfilled.”

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