Some Questions for X Mass Celebrants

Wiccan Yuletide tree

~Where in scriptures do you find God giving a command or even an inference that He allows man to make a holy day out of, and on, an ancient pagan “holy” day to their sun-god to celebrate His Son’s birth?

~What scriptures gives you the go-ahead to “christianize” unredeemable pagan traditions and rituals to worship God with? How are you avoiding even the appearance of evil when you decorate your homes and churches just as the modern-day pagans, the Wiccans, do?

~What is the Christian purpose of setting up a tree in your house and decorating it? What scripture verse(s) do you use to do so? In what way is this tradition Christ honoring (in the general sense by all who set up the tree in their house, not from your personal perspective)?

Wiccan Nativity Set

~Why do you decorate the house with evergreens, such as boughs and wreaths this time of the year? Why do you set up pagan look-alike nativity scenes at this time of the year? What is the purpose of putting presents under the tree for others to open? How does this bring glory and honor to Christ Jesus?

~If you know the pagan roots of the celebration then why do you continue to use these traditions in honor of Christ’s birth despite God’s Word against it? See Acts 15:20, 29. Do you have a scripture verse/passage to justify this man-made pagan/papist celebratory will-worship to God? What makes you believe this is truly a lawful holy day? What assures you that He is pleased by this unordained holiday when He has shown through judgements on Israel that He abhors the ways of the pagans in worshiping Him?

More Questions at THE SEASON: Jesus is the reason?


Revelation 22:15

But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.

33 thoughts on “Some Questions for X Mass Celebrants

  1. And think about this — if it were possible to “disconnect” current practices from their pagan/occultic roots, why does Scripture not provide us any guidelines as to:
    (a) how much time is necessary for the “neutralization”/disassociation process to occur; and
    (b) which of the hundreds of ancient pagan rites would then be acceptable for adaptation into Christian worship (since some are obviously much more pagan/occultic than others)?

    Read more here:

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      1. My personal opinion is that this is comparing apples to oranges which is a common practice by X Mass worshipers. Kinda like saying that X Mass can be compared to Purim..or…Hannukah!…(hint: no, Purim/Hannukah has no pagan practices in it and if it did it would be just as much an abomination)…We also know that Purim/Hannukah were/are civil celebrations, not religious, like X Mass is.


  2. FTA: Faulty arguments

    Jesus observed the weekly and annual Sabbaths because he was born under the law, while the old covenant was still in force (Galatians 4:4). He observed old covenant customs such as participating in the sacrifice of Passover lambs, tithing to the Levites, telling cleansed people to make offerings as prescribed by Moses, etc. He also observed Hanukkah. Such examples help Christians focus on Jesus’ teaching and the meaning of what he did for us.

    By comparison, Christians should be careful about using his example in cultural, time-bound circumstances. We should instead focus on what he actually taught, and the meaning of what he did for us. If we were to teach circumcision as a requirement, for example, then we would be denying the significance of what Jesus did, even though Jesus never said anything against circumcision itself. We would be failing to recognize the new covenant that he brought; the same is true if we require other obsolete laws.

    The early church observed the festivals, since the first Christians were Jewish. They also observed circumcision and other customs that were not binding on Gentile believers. It was certainly permissible for Jewish believers to continue observing their traditions, but their example is not authoritative, and we have no evidence that Gentiles were required to observe these festivals. God gave the Holy Spirit on one festival, but he never told us to commemorate that event with a required assembly (although many Christian churches observe Pentecost, it is by tradition rather than command); he gave the Spirit on other days, too. Later history shows a few Christians keeping the festivals, but some kept circumcision, too. Their example isn’t authoritative. Our standard must be the Bible, particularly the new covenant.

    Paul kept some festivals in Jerusalem, but he was away for most of them. He also kept other Jewish customs, so his example isn’t automatically authoritative. We can’t assume that we have to do everything he did. We need to discern which details of his life were based on the culture he lived in, and which were based on the new life in Christ. Paul considered himself under the law of Christ, not under the law of the old covenant (1 Corinthians 9:19-21). Today, we are to obey the commands of Jesus (Matthew 28:20).

    Jesus commanded a commemoration of his death, but he otherwise did not command Christians to observe any festivals. Likewise, Paul did not command Gentiles to keep the festivals. In referring to the Festival of Unleavened Bread, he spiritualized it, saying that Christians were to rejoice in sincerity and truth. And he told the Colossians to ignore what others might say regarding Jewish festivals. They were symbolic shadows, so they did not matter. The reality to which they had pointed had come. They had symbolic significance, but so did circumcision and the sacrifices. They are meaningful, but that in itself does not mean that observance is required.


  3. I don’t think most Americans equate Christmas with celebrating Christ’s birth. I think it is basically a commercial holiday now. It is the churches who feel compelled to associate it with honoring Christ. I know most people have no idea it was originally connected with paganism. That means they don’t think of it or use it as the pagans did. Most people I know, associate it with giving loved ones a present or getting presents, having time off from work to be with their family, a special meal, bonus from work and giving to the less fortunate. Me, I hardly mess with it at all, except a few gifts to family and friends. I went to one of your other sites (I think it was yours), and I saw a very unattractive picture of our president implying he was helping to bring in the new world order. Now is that kind of innuendo and slander Christian? I know it is extra biblical (the new world order thing). There is no mention of it in the new testament and I think promoting it through fear is worst than the Christmas thing. I think it is basically a republican thing. Is Bush’s picture in there? Maybe he was included in there. Not sure. ajc Not even sure who’s site it was but I know it is more damaging than the Christmas thing and more deceived.

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    1. Following a false teaching is following another gospel-that is more damning than presenting the truth of the kingdom of Babylon.

      If you know of people who call themselves Christian and are, out of ignorance, celebrating pagan/papist traditions of men “holy” days, you had best warn them not to do that! It is more serious than you are thinking it to be if you don’t! And, you would be disobeying God if you don’t. But, thankfully, God is merciful to those who are ignorant even if He does not approve of their vain worship.

      See this post:

      Please send the post you are talking about. It would be at this site:
      I am in the process of getting that site cleaned up from that which is not in obedience to God’s Word. I do not like dishonoring dignitaries so I usually leave a disclaimer if its an article I feel needs to be read for its overall content so my readers can be aware of it. I appreciate that you called attention to it. If you do not reply then you either did not read this comment or you are just wanting to be a high-minded Christian who loves to go about correcting Christians over disputable things.

      As a student of Bible prophesy one would have to be spiritually blind or ignorant of the Holy Scriptures not to see the NWO in its prophesies of the end-times. Its not about Republican or Democrat with me as I have told you before.

      Have a God blessed day!~

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      1. Name calling is of the flesh I am glad you did it because it reveals where you are really coming from You are confusing young believers Why don’t you just not celebrate Christmas The thing by Dobson was excellent It pertains to genuine problems the new church was having You highjacked it


        1. Your reply to me is very unloving, childish and fleshly. First of all, WHAT are you talking about? Now, have you the link I asked for or are you just a bitter critic of me who loves looking for occasion to falsely accuse me of doing evil?

          Dobson? Huh? James Dobson? If so, he’s a deceiver…What did I hijack? And why do you wish me to keep quiet about X Mass? That you did not do the loving thing by bringing me the link that concerns you and that you refused to graciously point out my fault with it I am seriously thinking of ignoring your complaint about me!

          One more time-bring to me the link and kindly let me know what you are concerned about. If it is offending I will delete it. As I said in my previous comment, I do not like the name calling of dignitaries and will put up a disclaimer if I really feel the content is important to read. God is my witness, I unfollow people on Twitter, Facebook and blogs who feel they must ridicule the POTUS. Its one thing to criticize him but quite another to ridicule him.

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  4. AJC says: I don’t want you to keep quiet about Christmas – I just don’t think it is wise to bring believers under condemnation for liking Christmas, especially as most people are clueless about it’s origin – most people just see it as a holiday where you have time off from work, have a nice family meal and give and get gifts – it is truly a commercial holiday that stores promote – these Christmas sales carry them through the slow seasons – If people’s consciences are clear on this, why bring them into condemnation, fear and confusion. Let’s not damage the weak or confuse them – Let’s not make a religion of it – I will find the site when I can, perhaps tonight – There is freedom in Christ – let’s not lead people back into superstition and fear and condemnation – This freedom is truly scriptural – yes, I know about the pagan past but I do not know anyone who is into Christmas in that way – Don’t do Christmas if it condemns you – Romans 14:4-15 ajc

    We DO NOT have liberty to mix the profane with the holy. If God did not ordain it, we have no business doing it. Christmas is ALL ABOUT fables and superstitions. We are not to be respecters of persons-the young are to be just as much worshiping God in spirit and in truth as the older. I condemn no one-but I do hate X Mass because it has led many astray to the worship of another Jesus in the spirit of paganism and lies. Paul said to be careful of the weak, not to offend them BUT he did not say to keep them in their weakness! They must grow up and become meat eaters.

    “Let’s not make a religion of it.” Who are you to say what it is I am doing? How do you know that I am not in obedience to the Lord’s Will and Word? By your replies to me I would say that you are quite immature and do not have a high regard for God nor do you know His holy Word. Your god would rather I love people into hell. That I should withhold the truth because it may offend the new believers! How shall the truth be presented to them then? You and your god can quit following me on my blogs for the truth is not in you.

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    1. One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord; and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it
      Romans 14:5-6a

      Proponents of Christmas often appeal to these verses1 to defend their celebrations of this pagan holy day. At first glance this scripture appears to support their position. But the Bible student should look closer, determining the context and whether this passage can have application to the syncretistic festival of Christmas.

      Most commentators teach that Romans 14 deals with Christian liberty. It does, by way of interpretation, only narrowly. By way of interpretation merely two problems are covered, that of whether or not to eat certain meats and whether or not to observe certain days. With regard to Christmas, it is needful that we deal only with the observing of days.

      The disputes in this passage take place not because there are simply differences of opinions. The disputes arise because some in the church are weak (immature) and others are strong (mature). This is important to keep in mind because in time one should expect the problem to be solved by the immature becoming mature. (Of course we understand that there might be others coming into the church continually with the same problem, thus protracting the dilemma for some time).

      The goal of Biblical instruction is to make the saint a mature person in Jesus Christ (Col. 1:28). Thus in regard to this passage, we need to understand that if all the believers in the church had reached a certain degree of maturity, the problem would not have existed. The solution that Paul gives should be considered a temporary solution for these weak brothers and not a permanent one. (No one would disagree that Christians should always respect and love each other). We should expect these who are now weak to one day become strong as they reside under proper instruction.

      The specific problem in verses 5-6a concerns the keeping of days. It appears that the majority of commentators understand the problem to arise from young Jewish converts to the Christian faith. These converts feel obligated to continue to observe Jewish holy days. This should not surprise us for these were proper days for them to observe prior to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have not at this time received the understanding that it is no longer necessary for them to observe these days under the new covenant. We find them in a transition period in which they are confused. If they were to not observe these days they would feel that they were not being obedient to God. They don’t have a grasp on the glorious truth that the work of the Lord Jesus Christ is complete and the days that they observe are only shadows of His fullness (Col. 2:17).

      Read more here:

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      1. The Christmas celebration has never been sanctified by scripture. It is built upon the lie, which is acknowledged by most everyone, that Jesus Christ was born on December 25. Rather than having support from the word of God, it is man made religion which is condemned by Jesus (Matt. 15:9).

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    2. If there is no biblical precedent for christianizing pagan holidays and celebrating them then all of the scripture quoting concerning Christian liberty is in vain. Or do you believe Paul would find delight in the christianizing of pagan traditions, rituals and artifacts for the purpose of worshiping God with?

      Acts 19:17-20-this would have been an oportune time to tell these converts that incantation books could be christianized if it were truly pleasing to God.


  5. FTA: Furthermore, God states clearly that he does not like the customs of other people (non Jews). There are multiple non-Jewish origins of decorating trees that pre-date the Christmas tree. Ancient (and modern) pagans would cut boughs of evergreens for decoration in their homes. Ancient Egyptians decorated their homes with palm tree branches. Greeks decorated evergreen trees as part of worship of their god Adonia. Pagan Romans would decorate trees with metal and replicas of Bacchus, a fertility god. Germans tied fruit and candles to trees in honor of their god Woden. Christians can not accurately claim that decorating a tree is not related to pagan idol worship. (bold mine for emphasis)

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  6. FTA: Most Christians proclaim that they are not worshipping any demon gods, they are just participating in some old traditions that mean nothing spiritual to them. IS THIS A VALID STATEMENT IN HARMONY WITH THE BIBLE? The answer Is NO!

    Listen to what the apostle Paul states:

    Behold Israel after the flesh: are not they which eat of the sacrifices partakers of the altar? What say I then? that the idol is any thing, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing? But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils. Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? are we stronger than he? I Corinthians 10:18-22

    In his letters to the Ephesians, the apostle Paul tells that the believer should not even mention in his speech any uncleanness, neither filthiness or foolish talking, nor jesting or anything that is unclean. The believer in Christ should not even have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. (Ephesians 5:1-17)


    Read more here:

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  7. Just because you feel decorating a tree is pagan doesn’t mean other people see it that way My family saw it as something to put beautiful colored lights on That’s all We were not obsessed with the pagan thing as you are we didn’t even know about that stuff You are taken away and caught in that your going overboard and judging people by your weakness and weak conscience is wrong You are bringing up stuff that most people don’t know about and are not affected by You are into superstition and conspiracy what a drag and all too common ajc You need to read Bob Dewaay’s stuff on piety You are judgmental and critical Use some common sense God gave it to you yes, most american’s Christmas is materialistic but not pagan worship Our arguing back and forth is useless, fruitless and does Christ no honor it is also a waste of time my time and yours I would never let this blog drag me into a pit of fear and superstition


    1. ~sigh~

      Its not what I think or believe or feel, its what GOD says…

      Your assessment of me is wrong but then I would expect such from a sinfully presumptuous person who knows not the only true God. You love not the truth.

      BTW, I love black cats…and I was married on the 13th of July which falls on a Friday every so many years…

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      1. Not every apologist and apologetic ministry gets it right about X Mass and Easter. What do the Scriptures say? If my favorite apologists, and Bob DeWaay is one of them, were to say it is OK to celebrate X Mass I would say, God’s Word be true and all men be liars!

        Scriptures, ajc, scriptures! And properly interpreted please!

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  8. You are out of line but I don’t really care You project your craziness onto other people I don’t know anyone who worships Christmas in a pagan way I don’t think you do either I think you need to quit reading the negative stuff It is obviously affecting you in a negative way I wouldn’t want you to WARN anyone I loved ajc our back and forth is a waste of time and really ugly I don’t think you are even sincere I think you just like to blog Nothing wrong with that but I don’t enjoy it or talking to you


    1. Father God, in Jesus’ Name I pray, open the eyes of ajc to Your holy Word on this subject. Reveal all of the lies ajc believes to be the truth-those things that ajc believes is pleasing in Your sight but are not. You did it for me and I thank You for it. Give ajc a heart’s desire to know You, the only true God, and Your Son whom You have sent. Precious Holy Spirit, do Your sanctifying work in her. Bless ajc in everything she does for Your Kingdom, by Your power and for Your glory, amen~

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  9. Sherry I don’t think your prayer is sincere in light of your previous comments. I know there is only one God who sent His Son for us but I also know that it is not pagan for people to have a Christmas tree. I never worshipped a tree or used Christmas to worship Christ. Maybe you did. But I know of no one who has ever done that. To imply or think that a person doesn’t know Christ because of a tree and colored lights is so off. You are so off. Your comments show no genuine thoughtfulness but more serious is that you think you have a right to question someone’s faith and Christianity because of a Christmas tree. You should not hold yourself up as a judge of anyone’s faith. You are so caught up in this Christmas thing that I don’t believe you can see clearly. Before your last comment, the blogging was no big deal. But you have really stepped in it. You are just a know it all who puts down the faith and trust a person has in Christ over a tree. Really, I see know that you just don’t want to be wrong at any cost, even if it requires you to ridicule a believer. Your tactics are insincere and unworthy of a believer. Compare your blog with Bob Dewaay’s or Charles Stanley. There is a difference in the attitude. You don’t know as much as you think you do. This is evident from your comments. There is a lot more to knowing about the history of paganism and history of the catholic church. You are making a religion of this as they did in the past. You don’t even see that. ajc You can’t and shouldn’t judge a person’s faith in Christ because they do not share your view on having a Christmas tree. That is where you are really confused and missed the mark. Really, you don’t get it. It is just a tree. There are many sincere Christians who put up a tree for the usual reasons americans do. You surrounding this act with mysticism and questioning their relationship with the Father and His Son over a tree says it all . ajc


  10. it is the intent of the heart God knows each person’s intent You don’t A tree is just a tree unless you make it otherwise the pagans made it otherwise I am going to try and not reply to any more of your stuff it’s just getting repetitious the intent of the heart God judges the intent of the heart ajc you have a blindness


    1. Here then, is one striking evidence of the deceitfulness of the heart. It produces ignorance of ourselves; it keeps men strangers to their own character; and makes them fatally presume that they are in friendship with God, while they are enemies to him in their minds and by wicked works.

      ~from THE DECEITFULNESS OF THE HEART by David Black


  11. Your judging a believer’s walk by the putting up a Christmas tree is in error. Both the judging part and the hang up about the tree. Whether this is a symptom or the root problem, I don’t know. Anybody can quote scripture as we all know. They used scripture to burn sad little old ladies as witches and believers in the past. It is the spirit that counts. It is being humble and teachable, considering others more important than ourselves. I know there is something wrong with your teaching. Not the history part, that is good to know and interesting. But you thinking you can judge a believer’s walk over the Christmas thing is off and dangerous. The pagan thing was real. It is in the past. We now have a commercial, materialistic Christmas so we use common sense and proceed with caution. We live in the world but are not of the world. Sorry if I offended you but your judging believers on this is just bad. ajc How quickly you lost the pious Christian lingo. Obviously, I could never be a blogger. I’m sure you enjoy it. I would never have commented but a friend of mine was talking about your site and I went there. Shouldn’t have. My pastor has Jesus pictures up in our sanctuary. I know it is not a good idea but I don’t go off on him because he feeds the poor, is humble, is kind, knows Christ and took in an unwanted child. He lets homeless live on his property. His walk with Christ is real and is very evident.


    1. Oh my! Now you are blaspheming God and calling Him a liar! He is the One, after all, Who warns us not to do as the heathen do…Now YOU have shown all of us who YOU are. I’m not even going to entertain reading the rest of your comment since the truth is far from you! You know not the scriptures, by your own behavior proving it.


      1. Let me also add that your agenda, at my blogs and others, is not to glorify God but to speak your own unscriptural opinions based on your own feelings. Do not bother with posting again on any of my blogs since you only want to be of a judgemental and argumentive spirit seeking your own glory.


  12. I am so blessed to know that the things the Lord has opened my eyes to in scripture is also being seen by others~ I appreciate your sharing -THROUGH HOLY SCRIPTURE- GOD’S WRITTEN WORD-of this lie called christ-mass, Sherry! May you continue to feel the guidance of The Lord through His Holy Spirit as He keeps you on the straight and narrow way to continue exposing this PLAINLY OBVIOUS TO ME NOW lie of satan…

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  13. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your encouragement! \o/

    I want this blog to be scripturally accurate where X Mass is concerned. Speak up if you see any error-iron sharpens iron. This is about our God and Savior being honored here at X Mass H8rs. And I want us to be encouraged and strengthened as we tell others about the lies. I reference this blog as “our” blog meaning it belongs to God and all of us with like minds concerning these lies. As you know, that is what matters-God’s Word, His truth.

    Praise God for exposing the lies to us that we once believed as truth!God bless you in your walk of truth \o/

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day!


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