Is the Sabbath Required for Christians Today?

When you go to sites and social media pages that are anti-X Mass you may run into those who are either Sabbatarians or modern-day Judaizers who insist that we are to rest on the 7th day. This page and the articles in it are to answer this unscriptural premise.

Can the fourth commandment be obsolete?

The Bible says, “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy” (Exodus 20:8). God’s people were told to rest on the seventh day of every week. Nevertheless, most Christians today do not observe the seventh-day Sabbath—they say it is obsolete. This article explains why.

We will examine the major questions, and give brief answers. We have longer explanations available for each question, but this article will give a concise overview.

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(an excerpt)

Why no New Covenant Believer is required to keep the Sabbath today 

When you start with a wrong premise than everything else built on that premise will be wrong.

This is perfectly illustrated by Sabbatraian’s who insist that we must keep the law, i.e. the Sabbath which is from the Old Covenant of Moses to one nation ONLY.

We read the law was given to Israel, a nation that was made from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was given by Moses to his people. It was never given to a non Jew, gentiles. No one can find a Scripture where the Mosaic laws Sabbath was required by gentiles. They are arguing from silence because of their presupposition that the Sabbath was there as a command for all mankind before Moses (See Rom. 6:14; Rom 7.7 Gal. 5:18; Heb 7:18-19).

Ex. 31 it is the Jews only who were told to keep the Sabbath. Where does it tell the Gentiles to keep the Sabbath? Nowhere does it command Gentiles to keep the Sabbath, unless they converted and became part of the nation of Israel. Only one nation, the Jewish people were given the laws of God, and since the Sabbath is the seal of the Mosaic covenant given to Israel, no one else was commanded to keep it…

2 thoughts on “Is the Sabbath Required for Christians Today?

  1. I agree with you that the Sabbath is no longer mandatory. Observing the Sabbath has to now deal with the heart. Why do you go to church on Sunday or not go to church on Sunday? If you are going because you have too, then it is for the wrong reasons. If you go because you want too, then it is for the right reasons. All that we do or not do should be with a focus on pleasing God, not just following some rule. It is now a matter of love–love for God and a love for others, not a command.
    In the OT, you had to obey or die. In the NT it should be “I want to do this because Iove God, He loves me, and I love others”. Thanks for sharing.

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