16 thoughts on “Hebrew Roots Deception: Jim Staley’s Vision, Sacred Name Analyzed

  1. Judaizers


    FTA: In Christianity there is a growing problem known as ‘Judaizing’, it’s a movement that, by definition, consists of furthering Judaic laws and the ordinances of the OT. This process usually involves oppressing unsuspecting Christians with guilt trips, by asking things like “Don’t you know yahweh’s laws are forever?” or “Didn’t you know there were much more than 10 commandments?”. Usually, some verbal gymnastics follow, and before long, the unlearned Christian has had their mind twisted into a knot, and agreeing with the lecherous Judaizing missionary.
    Then the poor Christian begins to follow suit and starts learning Hebrew, buys a menorrah, learns the the old laws, changes their diet, and starts honoring holy days. Before long, the person is nearly a full-blown Jew, with the exception of believing in Jesus Christ.

    To such poor Christians I must ask, do you not realize that the laws of the OT in the torah were given only and specifically to the Jews? Literally, they applied only to the Jews, and Gentiles were not bound by them what-so-ever.
    Ok, this being so, then how can you take laws that were LITERALLY not given to you, and LITERALLY did not apply to you, and say that because you’re a SPIRITUAL (true) Jew, that these LITERAL laws, now LITERALLY must be followed, when they LITERALLY had nothing to do with you?

    I usually get no answer after I pose that thought to the missionaries of this blight on Christianity. Not that I’ve never gotten answers before, but they’ve never been good ones.

    First things first, people who have adopted the Judaizing theology will always jump on the verses that say “God doesn’t change”, and I agree, God does not change, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. However, that says nothing about His particular rules not changing. If I were playing you in chess, and you were losing at it terribly, so I decided to change the rules a little and allow you to move twice per turn, I have not changed, you’re still sitting across from the same man with the same personality, only the way the game is played has changed, I’m the same.

    If I tell you one day that I like right handed people, so all right handers get free parking, then later I say I don’t like right hands, I like lefties now…then I’VE changed.

    So my example may sound a little silly, but I believe in keeping things simple and still getting the point across. If anything, God’s ability to change the rules demonstrates His absolute authority and sovereignty–not even kings and monarchs had the power to reneg their orders once they made a decree…


  2. Today’s devotional message from Jimmy Young’s Prophecy Today:

    Thank you for reading my Prophetic Daily Devotionals!

    Please visit my website to learn more Bible prophecies being fulfilled in these last days.

    Ephesians 2:14

    For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

    For further study – Ephesians 2:11-18

    This is a very important passage of scripture that we have selected for our devotional reading for today. It will reveal how “two peoples”, Jews and Gentiles, became “one”. Verses 11-12 explain that in times past these two peoples were apart, “at enmity with each other”. But today when both are in Christ, both are believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, they are now close, in fact they are “one”.

    This happens because of the “blood of Jesus”. In fact, Jesus is the One who brought peace between Jews and Gentiles, verse 14, by taking out the “wall of partition” that was between the Jew and the Gentile.

    The phrase, “wall of partition” is speaking of a “wall” around the Jewish Temple when it stood in Jerusalem to keep the Gentile from entering the sacred area of the Jewish Temple.

    The Lord, with His death, burial and resurrection took out the “wall of partition” between Jew and Gentile and when the Temple was destroyed, as Jesus said it would be, the wall of partition was also destroyed at the Temple.

    In the Messiah’s Temple, the one described in Ezekiel 40-46, there is no “wall of partition”, indicating that both Jew and Gentile have access to the Lord Jesus Christ when He sits upon His throne in the Holy of Holies in the Temple. This Temple will be erected at the end of the Tribulation and the beginning of the one thousand year Millennial Kingdom yet to come.

    With the wall of partition gone between Jew and Gentile, now we both have access to Jesus. We have become “one in Christ”, verse 15. There is not a “Jewish church” and a “Gentile church”. There is one Church made up of Gentile and Jewish believers.

    There are those who today endeavor to try to put the wall back up between Jews and Gentiles. We must not allow that to happen. There can be no division between the members of the body of Christ, the Church.

    The “Church Age”, after the Day of Pentecost and until the day of the Rapture, is a time when Jews and Gentiles who trust Christ become one. They are called Christians. Jews and Gentiles, when they are saved, are not Jewish Christians or Gentile Christians, we are Christians.

    Before Pentecost and after the Rapture, Jews and Gentiles who believed in Jesus were, or will be “believing Jews” or “believing Gentiles”. This is a key principle in understanding Bible prophecy.

    It is also important that we understand this principle so that we do not divide the Body of Christ. Jesus took the wall out, we must not try to put it back and divide the Church.

    The Lord has a special program for Old Testament Jewish and Gentile saints and those who are Tribulation saints made up of Jews and Gentiles. He also has a special program for Christians and this program and where it is carried out are totally different.

    The Lord has given the Jews and Gentiles who come to Christ a peaceful relationship, verse 15, having slain the enmity between the two, verse 16.

    PRAYER THOT: Thank You Lord for Your plan that brings Jews and Gentiles together as one.


    1. Today’s Judaizers are busy about dividing the Church, i.e., Jew and Gentile believers. Paul scolded Peter for such an appearance of doing and the apostles made it clear that Gentiles need not become Jews first and that Jews who still kept the feast days were immature believers if they did it as a supplement to Christ’s work for their salvation.

      There is neither Jew nor Gentile in this Church Age.


  3. I happened upon this common-sense commentary concerning the Name of Jesus:

    FTA: Salvation does not come from the linguistic skills of differentiating Joshua, Yehoshuah, Iesous, Jesus, Shoo Iesu, etc. God created all the languages to sound -different- from each other. That’s what Babel was all about; God said, to “confuse” the languages. (Gen11:7) As people are born into the nationalities they are, with their unique linguistic dialectic characteristics, is God looking to see if everybody is pronouncing it the same? Or is He looking at the heart (1Sam16:7, Rom2:29, Heb4:12-13), to know if the individual is receiving His Son? (Jn1:12) and the blood His Son shed? (Col1:14) to wash away our sin? (Rev1:5, 7:14)

    “…God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified…” (Ac2:36) When Jesus was crucified, the inscription over Him: “And the writing was: JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS. Then many of the Jews read this title, for the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city; and it was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.” (Jn19:19-20)

    That’s: Yehoshooah (Heb), Iesous (Grk), Jesu (Latin).

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  4. FTA: The Hebrew Roots movement began emerging as a distinct phenomenon in the mid-1990s (1993–96).[5] In 1997, Dean Cozzens of Open Church Ministries (Colorado Springs, CO) published a prophecy titled “The Hebrew Movement”, which revealed that God had foreordained four major moves for the 20th century, Pentecostalism, Faith-healing, the Charismatic Movement and finally the Hebrew Roots Movement. In this prophecy, the Hebrew Roots Movement is the “final stage of empowerment” before Christ returns. Several Hebrew Roots ministries are now preferring to use the term Awakening instead of the term “movement” which has been used widely since the 1960s to define politicaly oriented movements.[5]



    1. FTA: Christian Hebrew Roots Movement

      The Hebrew Roots movement is related to a subgroup known as “Christian Hebrew Roots.” This subgroup follows the Ten Commandments (Ex 20:3-17) and the feasts of the Lord (Lev 23:1-44), but like mainstream Christianity it believes that all other Old Testament requirements have been “done away with”.[20]

      The Christian Hebrew Roots movement rejects many of the same practices of mainstream Christianity that the Hebrew Roots movement rejects. In particular, they reject the Catholic Church’s “transubstantiation” doctrine, and instead follow what it sees as the biblical teachings set forth in the New Testament regarding the “nature of Communion” as a symbol of Christ’s body instead of the literal body and flesh of Jesus. This, they deduce from the words Jesus spoke to describe what they call an “amendment” to the Passover service being symbolic and not literal (in accordance with how they interpret the New Testament Greek).[21]

      The Christian Hebrew Roots movement does not teach a return to the law as dispensed by the scribes who Jesus rebuked as hypocrites. They interpret the “law” as pertaining to the Torah, and not the Jewish Oral Law, as the Hebrew Roots movement interprets it.[22][not in citation given] Instead, the Christian Hebrew Roots movement follows what it claims is the worship pattern of Jesus, whom they claim freed mankind from the yoke of the letter of the law; and, in fulfilling the law, Jesus taught Christians to practice only the Ten Commandments and feasts of the Lord which make up “the acceptable year of the Lord”[23] in his speech inaugurating his personal earthly ministry.


  5. Jonathan Cahn and the Hebrew Roots Movement


    FTA: Christians may pick out a verse or two from Romans 9 – 11 and miss the context completely. In much of that section, Paul is talking about what it means to be a true Jew. He says that a true Jew is not one outwardly (he says that early on, in Romans 2:28). He later defines what makes a true Jew and compares a true Jew with a false Jew. Just because someone was born as a Jew does not necessarily make them a true Jew in God’s eyes. However, Paul is also clear that a Gentile is never considered by God to be a “Jew.” Please read Romans 9 – 11 in one sitting. Read it through several times to get the feel and flow. In fact, I would strongly encourage you to read the entirety of Romans in one sitting.


  6. The Hebraic Roots Movement

    Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. ~Titus 1:14


    FTA:This report was written to demonstrate that the sources used by the Hebraic Roots Movement (Talmud, Mishnah, Midrash, Halakah and Haggada) evolved into and purvey the same occult teachings as the Kabbalah/Zohar, the preeminent compendium of Jewish mysticism. Schools of Kabbalah generally require a knowledge of these Rabbinic sources:

    "But the Scripture alone can not show the meanings within. Rabbinic hermeneutics could find a wealth of meaning in the subtlest details of the text, a characteristic that Kabbalistic writing took over. To be able to deal with Kabbalistic texts, and at least be conversant with the literary forms they take, and the references they make to material which their authors assumed 'everyone' would know, the student should at a minimum be at least marginally familiar with the following items...the Talmud (Mishnah and Gemara)...The Midrash... The Siddu, or Prayerbook... Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo ben Yitzchak)... and Rambam (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon or Maimonides)."

    That these sources are stepping stones to the occult is a fact of which every student of the Hebraic Roots view of Christianity should be apprised, but all seem to be totally unaware. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will reveal to disciples of the Hebraic Roots organizations the truths of Christian liberty expressed in the book of Galatians and lead them out of this movement, which otherwise will eventually deliver them into the Luciferic initiation, the dreadful bondage of the Noahide Laws and the global Kabbalist/Freemasonic New World Order.


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