Grave Sucking and X Mass

grave-sucking-3Did you know that there is as much Christian liberty to practice Grave Sucking as there is for celebrating X Mass? It seems that people can find no scriptural warrant for this screwball behavior among the hyper-charismatics and they would, rightly so, warn us about such participation. Yet those of us who warn of there being no scriptural warrant for celebrating X Mass are considered to have a weak conscience, or we are legalists or Pharisees. They declare Christian Liberty makes X Mass a holy worshipful celebration to God! Besides, the Bible is silent about it. Well, then, this, too, should be OK to practice under the banner of Christian Liberty. Silence dictates Grave Sucking to be a wonderful practice for the Church with God’s approval. Well, there’s more of a scriptural precedence for this Grave Sucking than there is for celebrating X Mass. In fact, there’s more scriptures that speak against X Mass celebrations than against this odd unholy charismatic behaviour!

Why Doesn’t the Bible Explicitly Teach About Grave Sucking?

If the mantles or missions God gives to some individuals truly are thwarted when they die why doesn’t God say something about it in His word?  If believers could really get the fast pass and quickly receive the gifts of the Spirit why wouldn’t God clearly tell us in the scriptures?  Doesn’t this seem like a massive oversight on God’s part?

And I would ask: Why doesn’t the Bible explicitly teach about celebrating X Mass with all of its paganism in honor of Christ’s birth? If X Mass is truly a holy day that is pleasing to God then why has He been silent about it? Is this, too, an oversight on God’s part?

Grave sucking not only makes us believers look like complete lunatics, it also has absolutely no foundation in God’s word.  There is not a single scripture to support this nonsense.  God’s divine nature is also in jeopardy under this insanity.  Furthermore, why would God tell His followers to lie down on an unclean grave site to receive a lost portion of the Holy Spirit?  This is silliness my friends and we need to repent.  God is not happy about this blasphemous practice.  Lord Jesus please forgive us confused sheep.

There is not a single scripture to support christianizing pagan (unclean) celebrations to their sun-god either. And it is blasphemous to name the baby Tammuz, Jesus. God is not happy with such syncretic worship of Him. It is vain and it, too, needs to stop.

Another article on Bethel Church: Defrauding Millions: Bethel Church and Benny Hinn Together

Bethel Church is a New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) church pastored by the “Apostle,” Bill Johnson. Bethel Church is a hothouse for serious theological error and heresy. Bill Johnson and his associates are advocates of the heresy known as Word of Faith (WoF), which teaches that through your words you have the ability to access the power of your faith or your fears–that is, your words have power. It is then taught that this power can be used to funnel material wealth and health into your life.

Bethel Church is a highly charismatic church that is known for its manifestations of false signs and wonders. Manufactured glory clouds, speaking (babbling) in tongues, and false prophecies–all attributed to the work of the Holy Spirit–are regular occurrences at its gatherings. Bethel church also practices necromancy through a bizarre practice known as “grave sucking” (or “soaking”), in which they believe that they can suck the “anointing” out of a deceased person’s body by lying on his grave. Johnson’s wife and “Pastor” of Bethel church has been known to practice this abomination.

I know I’ve tied two different false teachings together of which one is considered “permissible” to practice and the other causes most of us to wince at, but the point is that one should be careful using the “scripture is silent on it” excuse. It just doesn’t work.  Nevertheless, be warned about Bethel.


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