Other Errant Teachings

Due to many who do not celebrate X Mass and give warnings of such blasphemous celebrations yet go too far in error on their other teachings and beliefs I have put this page together. Unfortunately, when one discovers their error in celebrating that which is an abomination to God they tend to go to the extremes in thinking other doctrinal issues in which they believe are wrong. It is always a good thing to pray for God to reveal that which is a lie that we are believing to be the truth but we still must use discernment in what we think God is showing us so that we do not end up in error again in believing that which is unscriptural. Included in this page will be videos, articles and posts on teachings that have a relationship to X Mass such as Ecumenicalism and other Babylonish pagan/papist “holy” days and such as Hebrew Roots and Sacred Name, etc.

9 thoughts on “Other Errant Teachings

  1. I would rather call myself a Catholic than be like you. You think you’re exposing heresy when YOU ARE THE ONE full of heresy and blasphemy. And you think you have the truth. You really have no clue what you’re doing.

    Jesus, David, and Solomon all taught christian UNITY. Yet the Protestants cannot forgive and continue to destroy the church.

    You and that false teacher Koenig who tells you what he believes and quotes little to no scripture to show HOW he arrives at his conclusions. KOENIG is no good for anything. All he and you do is destroy the cause of Jesus Christ by badmouthing others in the faith.

    Self-righteous Protestants who think they have the truth, slander and tear down others in the faith to build themselves up. It’s a common problem especially among the Fundamentalist Baptist.


    1. You have me rejoicing, Jim!
      Matthew 5:11
      Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake.

      Keep on dotting my blog with your comments! Not only am I blessed for it but your comments are good for lessons on how not to teach and correct the erring (though you are the errant one and that is made apparent in your comments, also)

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