The History and Theology of Calvinism



26 thoughts on “The History and Theology of Calvinism

    1. Yeah, I haven’t watched all of it myself but intend to! I’ve bookmarked it. I should say that I have watched it before as I “liked” the videos but a refresher is always a good thing which is why I decided to post it here at this blog. And I can have it at the ready for those who blast me for embracing this doctrine of election via Calvin. Someone even said that this was a deadly belief! 😮

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        1. I was thinking about putting that image in this post. Yes, Calvinism is the biblical teaching of election but we do need reminders to be charitable (at least I do).

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  1. Sherry,

    I saw this post @ Maria’s blog and commented there since there are so many free willers who read her blog. I was highly disappointed to read MLJ’s words of compromise, but not surprised. Who gave him the authority to proclaim any Truth of Scripture (doctrine) to be “non-essential?”; especially the doctrines of grace. Many are the men who hold to this nonsense of ‘primary, secondary, tertiary system of doctrinal alignment, but there is non consensus as to which doctrine belongs in which category. I find such a notion to be extremely repugnant, even heretical, for there is no such ‘system’ to be found anywhere in Scripture. This is little more than an ego trip for those who teach this garbage used to make their disciples see just how smart their teacher really is, thus solidifying their base with more deception.

    Most, if not all of the men in the first video are compromisers to one degree or another. D James Kennedy is highly ecumenical, and RC Sproul teaches boat loads of ‘questionable’/heretical doctrine, especially in the psychological realm. All of what I have said is meant as a “heads-up” for nearly all of the nationally recognized and favored preachers of our day teach some ‘truth’ but inject their favorite lie into the mix making all of what they say worthless.

    There are few that stand for the doctrines of grace and your stance is much appreciated. May you continue to speak the Word without fear, and boldly as we all ought to speak it. Don’t be deceived by the words of the well polished and practiced liars who occupy nearly every pulpit in our land. They are nothing more than jackals, masquerading as the genuine.


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  2. Great comment, Darrel!

    In a way, I agree with you. But we also must be at peace with all men. I don’t see that compromise is being made by MLJ, but, rather, a promoting of peace. Every Christian is at a different stage of growth in grace. Most new converts are of an Arminian mindset-“I chose Jesus to be my Lord and Savior.” No need to get into a big debate about it with him until he is more mature. Election/predestination is a high doctrine. Its meat, if you will. But debates between scholars is healthy so that the babes, perchance, may learn and understand. To part company, though, is not good because it has no impact on one’s salvation. It does not change the Gospel message. The message is the same for both Arminian and Calvinist (using these names as a nickname for each of the doctrines, both “proven” from the scriptures, but the latter being found in the whole of it, OT to NT).

    As far as these scholars go, again, I agree with you in part. We do need to exercise discernment by knowing God’s Word so as to spot the truth from the almost truth. If there is an error in this documentary then point it out because I tend to publish what is scriptural, never-minding what is taught by teachers in other areas of study (but I’m still not perfect in knowledge yet). You may see what I haven’t yet seen.

    When Dr. John MacArthur erroneously stated that one can take the Mark of the Beast and then become a Christian afterward and be forgiven, it got me to thinking: perhaps these errors by scholars are meant for our good so that we do not venerate them or respect them so highly that we don’t search the scriptures ourselves to see if what they teach is true. Not all false teachers are heretics unless they have an unteachable, proud spirit. They are just teaching from an erroneous interpretation of the scriptures for lack of letting the Holy Spirit show them the truth or because they have let man’s teaching be at the forefront of their understanding.

    So, I believe that the promoting of peace among the brethren requires us to make a distinction of the essentials and non-essentials. And the rule would be: does it lead to another gospel, another “Jesus” that cannot save or does it keep the true Gospel doctrine intact? Remember, we are all growing in grace and having our understanding increased through the revelation knowledge of God in Christ. Now we know in part so let us obey God’s Word to be at peace with our brethren unless a teaching leads to another “Jesus.”

    Thanks for commenting, Darrel! I admire your zeal filled with knowledge and love for the brethren. Have a wonderfully blessed day! \o/

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    1. FTA: Many distinct gatherings of Christians spread throughout the world can actually serve the purposes of God, by sprinkling us among the lost to shine the light of Christ. Our multiple groupings can also serve us well, encouraging us to be faithful to what we believe Christ has taught us, bringing us together with those with whom we can cooperate most fully. But if we allow our divisions to become breaches of love and occasions for pride and rivalry, then we will have failed in our calling, and our witness for Christ will be marred.

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  3. “The message is the same for both Arminian and Calvinist.” Hardly the same when the two teachings dramatically oppose each other, the one using mockery to win it’s converts and the other resorting exclusively to the Word of God. Arminianism has NEVER proven itself from the Scriptures, but from the imagination of wicked men who would supplant the Word and even God Himself with their own will being the sovereign of all.

    As for the “essentials” who determines what is what and which doctrine belongs in which category? The learned seminary graduates and life long pastors? I’m not qualified to make such a distinction and neither is anyone else. Where is the mandate FROM SCRIPTURE that tells us or anyone to do such a thing? You will find it nowhere in Scripture, yet these arrogant men have declared certain doctrines to be “primary”, others “secondary” and still others “tertiary” as they dictate to the Holy Spirit how things ought to be. Today we are further required by these same arrogant fools that we must declare good to be evil (“Calvinism is bad) and evil to be good (Arminianism is ok, even a “biblical” doctrine, when it is no such a thing); all in the name of peace and unity and love. If you want to hold hands with enemies of the Lord Jesus go right ahead, I will not attempt to stop you, only warn you of the consequences of such action, which I have done.

    Just because a person claims to be a “brother in Christ” does not make it so and this has been the bane of the church since it’s beginning 2000 years ago. Forgotten are all the warnings from the Lord Jesus and the NT writers about false brethren arising from within the church, tares growing with the wheat, evil men parading themselves as disciples of Christ when they are minions of the devil. This most definitely includes the heretical teaching of the Arminians who mask themselves as “brothers” while they continually mock the Lord with their lies. Promoting “peace” with the likes of these will only draw you into their evils and leave you helpless before their onslaught of their doctrines of demons, unable to discern truth from lie, good from evil, right from wrong. The very fact that you are entertaining the notion of having peace with false brethren is the first indicator that you have fallen prey to their wishes, the further you ‘peace’ with them the further down the drain you will go until you find yourself in spiritual ruins while the ‘brothers’ with whom you sought their favor laugh at you. Happens every time.

    The following link exposes many of today’s false brethren, but it is far from a complete listing: I hope this will help. As for John MacArthur, he is likely the most sophisticated angel of light on this earth today. His view of the Blood of Christ is his greatest heresy and it is evident from his own words that he committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Find his “testimony” at search for ‘sermon #80-33 and sit down when you listen at the fifteen minute mark +/-.

    Do not allow yourself to be swayed by the smooth words and fair speeches of people who only want to make merchandise of you and do have your best interests at heart. May the Holy Spirit be pleased to open your eyes even further and protect you from the wolves who nip at your heels.



  4. Your first paragraph: I’m talking about the Gospel message; that one is a sinner in need of a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to seek and to save the lost, was crucified as the Holy Lamb of God, His shed blood cleansing us from our sins, forgiving our sins, and giving eternal life to us upon repentance. This is an essential doctrine embraced by both camps, else there would be no doctrine of salvation.
    Paragraph two: Who determines what is essential and what is not? I can’t believe you even ask this but here is my answer and the one which all agree on-it is the Word of God. Not just by certain scriptures but also the Author’s intent as a whole. Matters of faith in Christ are essential. Matters of obedience to God’s commands are essential. Matters of Christian liberty so long as it causes no offense to a fellow believer are non-essentials.

    “The point is not that every fundamental article of faith must be supported with an explicit proof text. The doctrine of the Trinity, for example, is certainly essential to true Christianity–and it is very clear in Scripture–but you will find no comprehensive statement of the Trinity from any single passage of Scripture.” Source:

    A note of caution: stop calling brothers in Christ, “fools” lest you be found a slanderer in God’s sight. Slanderers do not enter His Kingdom. We don’t have His permission to berate those who teach error. Harsh rebuke is for those who are unteachable and proud and adamant to teach their false doctrine. And scriptures will determine it, not your opinion. Fools are not Christians and that is a slanderous charge given to those who preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Fools could care less about anyone’s salvation from sins. Besides, brother, your zealous condemnations can be mistaken for arrogance…and the very ones you want to reach will not listen to you. The rest of the 2nd paragraph has no relevance to me, but nice try in falsely accusing me through what you perceive me to be doing and saying and believing. I wonder if you even comprehended my comment which you are rebutting or if you just want to argue for the sake of argument since I cannot understand why you got my stance wrong. Oh well…heed my warning above.

    Paragraph three: Arminian believers have their beliefs based in scriptures, too. But, even if it is erroneous it does nothing to their free-willing soul’s salvation. Nothing. What they miss is God’s sovereign election of believers and that’s not necessary in the initial process of salvation-it is still all of God’s work. They are at fault on the side of God, and not against Him, believing in a loving God who would never choose to send a man to hell. This is unfathomable to them! Just because we know that they don’t “get it” doesn’t mean that God is going to send them to hell as false believers! In this life WE KNOW IN PART! You probably have an erroneous belief or two you haven’t yet discovered or maybe it is that God will reveal the truth to you upon entry into His Kingdom. Then we will know fully.

    I get the idea that you would gladly rip out the tares when Jesus wouldn’t allow the angels to do it. Once again you falsely accuse me! And your arrogance is showing! But you are intent on believing that Arminians are unsaved and their teachers are fools. And anyone who holds hands with them are in danger of hell fire…

    Darrel, I had respect for you and your beliefs but I was wrong about your zeal-there is no knowledge in it…nor love for those who you believe are on the wrong path. You make me appreciate the Calvinists who patiently and lovingly led me to see the biblical doctrine of election and prayed for God’s Spirit to reveal it to me in His Word. I’m most certainly glad it wasn’t you, dear brother, who showed me my errors! You would have condemned me to hell! Those who helped me to understand and held my hand, so to speak, didn’t turn into Arminians, either. Nor did they kick me off their forum, but I wonder if you would have advised it.

    Finally, the last paragraph is also nonsense pertaining to me. My passion is to help others learn to discern and I’ve been doing it for the last ten years! I am not perfect, nobody is, but by God’s Holy Spirit He shows me what is truth from what is almost truth. I plead with Him to show me the truth, to guide me into all truth, to love the truth! He has been faithful to do so, so you are guilty of accusing Him of not answering my prayers which are according to His Word!

    Do not leave another condemning, blasphemous comment again or you will be put in the spam file along with aj and some guy who sticks up for Roman Catholicism and a belief that the Anti-Christ is a Muslim!

    May I suggest you learn from Jesus in Revelation 1-3 on how to correct the brethren. And learn from Paul when harshness is to be used, too. And learn from God about His estimation of judging His servants and His warning to slanderers and accusers of the brethren.

    Love in Christ~

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    1. “There is an important distinction between the biblical definition of a fool and the word Jesus used (raca) in Matthew 5:22 when He forbade calling a Christian brother a “fool.” The term raca, spoken from a heart of contempt, implied utter worthlessness. Jesus was not saying that we cannot call the choices of another foolish. But to call someone “raca” was saying that this person was beyond the reach of God and therefore condemned forever. To say, “You fool!” to a brother or sister in that day was the equivalent of saying, “Damn you!” to someone today. We do not have the power or the right to condemn anyone to hell. That position of judgment belongs only to God. A born-again Christian cannot be “damned” because he or she has been purchased by the blood of Christ (Colossians 1:14). We can and should, however, do all we can to turn the hearts of those exhibiting foolishness toward wisdom and possibly save their lives and their eternal souls (James 5:20).”

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  5. Sherry,

    It seems that you think yourself impervious to the wiles of the devil and his false brethren sown within Christendom—“Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” [re: my last paragraph]. If I were so intent on accusing you, falsely or otherwise, why did I write that last paragraph?

    If my words were/are so egregious to you then why did you not strike my words from existence and ignore me? Perhaps because they struck a nerve and you had to respond? Perhaps your anger toward me is because you perceive my words to harsh toward you and your friend, Maria. Yet both of you are trying to get me to acquiesce to the viability of the heretical doctrine of Arminianism as a viable alternative to the real Gospel of the Lord Jesus by saying that those who hold to the free will access to the Lord are just as saved as those who were actually born again—God help me, something I won’t do. Been there, done that, three times some fifty years ago and never saved until the appointed time some thirteen years ago. Perhaps your anger would be better directed at those who would subvert the Gospel by their lies of free will access to Christ under the guise of brotherhood. Those that really want to know and understand the truth will not be so adamant in their defense of false doctrine—your quest for the truth in this matter should be a great guide.

    Strike my comments, ban me, tell everyone what a mean old man I am, or come to your senses and stop making agreements with Belial for the sake of “unity”, “love” of whatever excuse is offered———-the choice is yours.



    1. The “heros” of the “Arminian faith”

      Charles Finney
      A self admitted failure in his efforts to get people “saved” Finney/Arminian style.

      John Wesley
      A quote from Mr. Wesley, June 1766: “In one of my last [letters] I was saying that I do not feel the wrath of God abiding upon me; nor can I believe it does. And yet (this is the mystery), I do not love God. I never did. Therefore I never believed in the Christian sense of the word. Therefore, I am only an honest heathen…”

      Billy Graham
      Mr. Ecumenical of the evangelical world who believes that people are saved “who don’t even know Christ” because there is a ‘wideness’ to God’s mercy. This he says in the face of “Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way that leads to life, and there are few that find it.”

      These are some of the “fathers” of the Arminian Cult, which has gained acceptance in the visible “church” today. Hold hands with their disciples or rebuke them as you wish, but “Choose you this whom you will serve” Christ or Belial.



      1. That’s it! You, once again falsely accuse me of being impervious to false teachers! I KNOW all about those you have brought up and perhaps you might want to peruse this very blog before you make contemptable comments!

        Consider yourself banned from here and I will pray that everyone will do the same to you when you leave your ignorant accusing uppity comments. Perhaps it will teach you to fear God and to research more carefully the one you are accusing of wrongs.

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      2. No, I will not strike out your comments. Let others see your uncharitable ways and false accusations! But you will not make anymore of them since you deem it necessary to falsely accuse Maria, too! Nope! I will not tolerate it no matter how much “truth” in a matter is given!

        FYI~ Neither Maria nor I believe the doctrine of Arminianism is true. Your unrighteous anger has caused you blindness to that fact and thus, old man, impervious to charity and truth presented to you in my comments.

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