How God Rules His World

This teaching series is well worth the listen. Part 2 makes me all the more glad that our Beloved delivered me from the demonic practice of worshiping Him in the same manner as the heathen do their gods, i.e., the Christ Mass and the Easter. Part 3 had me praising our Beloved for delivering me from the spiritual warfare of C. Peter Wagner and such like who rebuke demons after mapping to find out who they are. We surely are wrestling against the powers and the principalities of the air! But we must do it according to God’s holy Word. This series was an eye-opener for me and a great encouragement in my walk with our Beloved Savior and King.


Save us from superficial religion

C.H. Spurgeon’s Prayer for Today

We do feel that we have so much superficial religion, so much profession without true possession to back it up. Oh, Lord, may our churches be built with precious stones, and not with wood, hay, and stubble.

May we ourselves so know the gospel that no one can beat us out of it; may we so hold it, that our faces shall be like flints against the errors of the age; so practice it, that our lives shall be an argument that none can answer, for the power of the gospel of Jesus.


An Evil Practice

…the second commandment forbids bowing down to an image or likeness of anything in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. A picture of the Saviour purports to be a representation or likeness of him who is now in heaven or, at least, of him when he sojourned upon the earth. It is plainly forbidden, therefore, to bow down in worship before such a representation or likeness. This exposes the iniquity involved in the practice of exhibiting pictorial representations of the Saviour in places of worship. When we worship before a picture of our Lord, whether it be in the form of a mural, or on canvas, or in stained glass, we are doing what the second commandment expressly forbids. This is rendered all the more apparent when we bear in mind that the only reason why a picture of him should be exhibited in a place is the supposition that it contributes to the worship of him who is our Lord. The practice only demonstrates how insensitive we readily become to the commandments of God and to the inroads of idolatry. May the Churches of Christ be awake to the deceptive expedients by which the archenemy ever seeks to corrupt the worship of the Saviour.