Why Repentance Is Needed For Salvation

In fact, salvation cannot happen apart from repentance!

Question: “What is repentance and is it necessary for salvation?”

Answer: Many understand the term repentance (from the Greek word metanoia) to mean “turning from sin.” This is not the biblical definition of repentance. In the Bible, the word repent means “to change one’s mind.” The Bible also tells us that true repentance will result in a change of actions (Luke 3:8-14; Acts 3:19). Acts 26:20 declares, “I preached that they should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds.” The full biblical definition of repentance is a change of mind that results in a change of action.

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To repent, in relation to salvation, is to change your mind in regard to Jesus Christ.

Here is an article speaking on the works, or fruit, of repentance:

Is Repentance Necessary for Salvation?

If repentance wasn’t necessary for salvation, why then did Jesus command that repentance be preached to all nations (Luke 24:47)?

Scripture verses on repentance

Roy B. Zuck writes:

Repentance is included in believing. Faith and repentance are like two sides of a coin. Genuine faith includes repentance, and genuine repentance includes faith. The Greek word for repentance (metanoia) means to change one’s mind. But to change one’s mind about what? About sin, about one’s adequacy to save himself, about Christ as the only way of salvation, the only One who can make a person righteous (“Kindred Spirit,” a quarterly publication of Dallas Seminary, Summer 1989, p. 5).

Is repentance necessary for salvation? – Bible.org

Another good article, The Gift of Repentance says:

Nevertheless, many people have succumbed to the notion that God does not require repentance in order to become a Christian. With the desire to make conversion to Christ as easy as possible, many pastors have decided not even to mention sin or repentance in their sermons. I recently heard about a pastor of a “seeker-friendly” mega-church in Houston, Texas, who doesn’t preach about sin in his sermons but instead just wants to “give people a boost for the week.” Perhaps someone should remind him that the first word recorded from the lips of our Lord Jesus was “repent” (Matt. 4:17). It is not as if repentance is secondary to the Gospel message, it is at the very heart of understanding the Gospel message. We can’t possibly understand our need for God’s grace unless we understand our need to repent of our sins. In Mark 1:14–15 we read: “Now after John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.’” Simply put, pastors and teachers are held to a more strict judgment (James 3:1), and if pastors do not preach repentance, then they themselves should repent.

Beast Watch: Pope Francis Once Again Admits That The Roman Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon

FTA: Only when one considers Roman Catholicism from the perspective of the ancient mysteries and understands that the Roman Catholic St. Peter and the Virgin Mary are really esoteric symbols for Nimrod and Semiramis, can one understand why the Catholic Church claims their popes are descended from St. Peter and the Apostles, when the popes are not and have never been anything like the Apostle Peter and the Apostles. The Roman Catholic popes are really reincarnations of Nimrod, while the Virgin Mary is really Semiramis.

Pope Francis once again proves that Roman Catholicism is not Christianity, but “Mystery Babylon The Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (Revelation 17:5).

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The Antipas Chronicles

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“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication” (Revelation 17:4).

Grace and peace, Saints.

Many of you may be aware that last October, Pope Francis went on an ecumenical journey to Sweden. During an in-flight press conference held aboard the papal jet, the pontiff fielded a variety of questions covering subjects from ecumenism to secularization. Responding to a question from a Swedish journalist regarding the possibility of women being…

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Meet Jim, Christian Sisters!

Here is a blogger who loves to fill your blog with heresy. Meet Jim. Here is his blog, but first turn down your volume, Black Sheep Prophecies.

He has no problem wasting your day answering to his false teachings (he could have left links to his blog). Thankfully, I was in the mood for such as him since the day was too cold and windy to work in the garden and the house is clean enough. So, I had nothing better to do than to make sure I cleaned up behind him as he left his intellectual, condescending waste products throughout my blog.


Here is a sample of his heresy:

Christians have been conditioned to believe several things about end-time prophecy that will never come to pass. It’s quite disturbing to see the prophecy experts promote a prophetic scenario that’s no less than a colossal blunder of interpretation. It’s not that difficult to see where the ‘experts’ went wrong.  The difficult part is for believers to dump their bias and preconceived ideas about end-time prophecy.

“The greatest impediment Christians have obtaining Truth is when they think they already have it.”

Rome has been stigmatized as the end-time beast(s) for several reasons.  Rome crucified Christ then destroyed the Temple and persecuted Christians. The reformers and many today are still convinced that Rome and the EU or a “Revived Roman Empire,” would emerge in the end-times.  Does bible prophecy support an Italian and European coalition of nations as the End-time Beast? Absolutely not!  Not one verse of End-Time prophecy implicates Rome or the E.U. in any way!  Every nation mentioned in bible prophecy is Arab, Persian, and Islamic today.

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Then we have this:

There is no trinity because of many simple reasons.  The ‘Holy Spirit’ as described by Trinitarians is not found in or around the throne of God in Revelation 1:4, 3:1, 4:5, and 5:6  

Revelation 1:4  John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;

Revelation 3:1  And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.

Revelation 4:5  And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.

Revelation 5:6  And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.

The Holy Spirit emanates from God through the seven Spirits of God which are the Archangels who control the seven hierarchies of angels. The Holy Spirit’s presence usually comes through the presence of angels or Jesus Himself. And Jesus is usually with angels anyway. God, the Seven Spirits, Jesus, they all have the same mind but they don’t have all the same power, powers, and knowledge as that emanates from, and can only be attributed to, God Almighty.

HUH? oh, go ahead and read the rest here if you want to practice your discernment, but only if you have nothing better to do, like cleaning out the garage or refrigerator.

Well, he is certainly a trip! Sadly, its down the trail of heresies.

Let me post a few of his comments that he’s left on my blog:

From this post, Apostasy in the Church

Who says the scriptures teach, “an all inclusive society.” They don’t!

You believe what you do because you’ve accepted the entire ball of eschatological wax taught for over a hundred years. I challenge you to show me where Rome and a global dictator with a unified global religion and government is found in bible prophecy.

Don Koenig couldn’t do it. Can you?

Interesting to note that for about the last 50 years ministers have stopped teaching that the Pope is the Antichrist! Ecumenism’s death blow to the truth.

Christians have been conditioned to believe that apostasy is associated with heretical sects of the church. One church points the finger at the other calling them cults and an apostate church and even condemning one another simply for having different doctrine. 2 Thes. 2 tell us that apostasy is an end-time rebellious event that takes place just before the man of sin appears because it’s what brings him on. We also have a good description of the man and his followers between verse 3-12.

Apostasy is not being lukewarm or backslidden, it has nothing to do with the spiritual condition of a church or the lack of devotion of an individual. It is not false doctrine or heresy, and has nothing to do with the church whatsoever.

Christian’s have the preconceived idea that apostasy is a defection from sound doctrinal truth and therefore blame all of the evils of 2 Thes. 2 on themselves, and even say CHRISTIANS will accept this man of sin.

Now, I said this to him because he claims we are not yet in the End Time:

We are in the End-Time and have been since the Church began.

Hebrews 1:2 “God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days has spoken to us in His Son.”

His reply:

That’s completely false. Who taught you that? Jesus in Mathew 24 debunks that thought. If we have been in the end-times since the church began, that would make ALL the NT prophets “false prophets.” People with the same mentality also say that the apostasy started back then. Do you realize what you’re saying?

What you are saying turns bible prophecy into meaningless moot. It destroys the FUNCTION and PURPOSE of “A SEAL.”

The sad thing is that the way people interpret the bible makes God look like a fool. You guys attribute all of the end-time evils to the Church, and even claim that the demonic duo would come from WITHIN it! That’s pure self-demonization!

Jesus is talking to a Jewish audience and that is who its for in the last days. It helps to consider the audience spoken to so you know whether it is for the Jews or the Christians to heed.

This is about the time I’m wondering if I’m dealing with a Roman Catholic who does not grasp scriptures. Here is his comment that pretty much sums up his ungodly agenda:

I would rather call myself a Catholic than be like you. You think you’re exposing heresy when YOU ARE THE ONE full of heresy and blasphemy. And you think you have the truth. You really have no clue what you’re doing.

Jesus, David, and Solomon all taught christian UNITY. Yet the Protestants cannot forgive and continue to destroy the church.

You and that false teacher Koenig who tells you what he believes and quotes little to no scripture to show HOW he arrives at his conclusions. KOENIG is no good for anything. All he and you do is destroy the cause of Jesus Christ by badmouthing others in the faith.

Self-righteous Protestants who think they have the truth, slander and tear down others in the faith to build themselves up. It’s a common problem especially among the Fundamentalist Baptist.

He doesn’t like Don Koenig or anyone who likes him thus the false accusations. Now I remember this “Jim” from Don’s website. BTW, I’ve been banned from commenting at Don’s blog for some time because I mentioned that Christians ought not to be celebrating X Mass/Easter, etc.

So, ladies, it seems that he wants to manipulate and bend my conscience and yours when he visits. Let’s be alert and remember this about false teachers:

2 Peter 2:1 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. 2 And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned; 3 and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.

Here is my reply to him for all of the maligning and reviling he has spoken in the comment lines of various posts here:

You have me rejoicing, Jim!
Matthew 5:11
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake.

Keep on dotting my blog with your comments! Not only am I blessed for it but your comments are good for lessons on how not to teach and correct the erring (though you are the errant one and that is made apparent in your comments, also)

Here are the posts that Jim has commented in: here and here and here and here.

He’s still going at it…he’s like the Energizer Bunny!


Hearers or Doers… Which One Are We?

Matthew 7:24

“Therefore whosoever hears these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that hears these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it”.

In today’s Church there are thousands of messages preached every Sunday morning, but has anyone ever stopped to analyze what messages are actually being preached? In this message I am asking everyone to put aside their doctrines and beliefs just for a few minutes and listen to a few things that may help us all live the lives we are called to live by Christ and things that will protect us from deception.

I would like to first focus on the hearers because many people think they are doers but they are not and hearers fall into three major groups. The first group of “hearers” love to run to this meeting or that meeting to get a “word” from God for their lives while most of the time their Bibles remain shut at home or they read a little of it once in awhile. The second group of hearers go to Church on Sunday to get a pep talk from their pastor or to catch up on the latest gossip, and then wait until the following Sunday to get another pep talk from him or catch up on the latest “news” with their friends. The last group of hearers turn on the TV to hear some “Dr. Feelgood” message from their favorite TV preacher so they can get through the day. Sadly, all three groups of hearers all have one thing in common and that is they never read the Word to make sure whatever is being preached or taught is actually in the Word of God. This failure has caused many Christians to become deceived and this is why we are told in 2 Timothy 2:15 to “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”.

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