The Separated State

Come, ye children of God, you must stand out with your Lord outside the camp. Jesus calls to you to-day, and says, “Follow Me.” Was Jesus found at the theater? Did He frequent the sports of the racecourse? Was Jesus seen, think you, in any of the amusements of the Herodian court? Not He. He was “holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners.” In one sense no one mixed with sinners so completely as He did when, like a physician, He went among them healing His patients; but in another sense there was a gulf fixed between the men of the world and the Savior which He never essayed to cross, and which they could not cross to defile Him. The first lesson which the church has to learn is this: Follow Jesus into the separated state, and He will make you fishers of men. Unless you take up your cross and protest against an ungodly world, you cannot hope that the holy Jesus will make you fishers of men.~ C.H. Spurgeon

Ephraim is Joined to Idols, let Him Alone

Warn the brethren about the practice of paganism in their worship of God but use wisdom in when to stop trying to reason with them. They have been told and that is all we are to do and after, when there is no repentance nor desire to search the matter out, leave it in God’s hands.

Pray for them but, remember, God may say to us like He did to Jeremiah, pray no longer for them.

True and False Sanctification

FTA: False teachings defile the truth which is in Christ and substitute “once for all” as emphasized in the New Testament for secrets, higher order experiences, psychological processes and anything but the finished work of Christ, which is true for all believers. Dissatisfaction with God’s provision leads to the “root of bitterness” which defiles. False teachers want more because they take God’s glorious provision as inadequate. Many mock the idea that God’s promises are not fully realized until eternity. They want it all right now, and so they sell out. Ironically this is usually done in the name of piety. ~ SOURCE