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Its understandable when infidels persecute you, but it hurts deeply when it is your own brethren! Many tend to accuse you of evil motivations when they are corrected…


God told me!

The End Time

What is a women to do when it seems like everyone is hearing directly from God…and you’re not? It seems like so many women say they hear audible voices, still small voices, whispers in the heart, voices from the sky…

For example, Joanna Gaines of the popular HGTV television show Fixer Upper said she heard God’s voice clearly. Jennie Allen who founded If:Gathering, said a voice from the sky directly told her to start that organization. Sarah Young heard from God and wrote a book quoting everything he (allegedly) said, and it’s still a bestseller 14 years later.

Beth Moore can’t go more than a minute or two in her lectures without referring to some kind of direct interaction- and she’s been saying that from her earliest days of lecturing. See all these statements from her 2000 book Praying God’s Word and her 2002 book When Godly People do Ungodly…

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Wacky cult – World’s Last Chance (WLC) – buys full-page newspaper ad


The other day, I was perusing through the local newspaper. Yes, I’m one of those old fogeys who still receives a newspaper, although I’ve cut delivery to Thursday through Sunday because of the rapidly escalating price. Anyway, as I was leafing through the various sections I came across a full-page advertisement from an outfit calling itself, World’s Last Chance (WLC). A quick scan of the ad revealed some religious content, always of interest to me, so I read through the entire text.

Briefly, the WLC’s ad claims our solar system is in fact geocentric, with the Sun and the other planets revolving around a FLAT Earth. The WLC claims the Jesuits are responsible for imposing the false, round Earth and heliocentric model of the solar system theories upon the credulous masses. Why would the Jesuits do such a thing? To pave the way for an apocalyptic alien invasion, of course…

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Seducing the Vulnerable – the NAR CULT Part 2: Stories of Survivors

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Absolute Truth from the Word of God

People who write to me automatically assume that I love Sid Roth.  I suppose that it is because Sid and I are both Jews.

Although Sid Roth does remind me of many of my Jewish uncles – I have NEVER followed him.  I watched him one time and God gave me the discernment that I was not watching a person who cared about sound teaching from the Bible.

The name of Sid’s show “It’s Supernatural” set off my herescope quickly.  We know that everything about God and the Bible is truly Supernatural. But I say that because His ways are SO much higher than our ways.

He is God and we are not

When we begin to proclaim that we are somehow “supernatural” then we better stop and go back to God’s Holy Word to see where we veered off of the narrow path that leads to Life.

“Enter by…

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