Has Beth Moore only recently drifted, or has she always been false?

The End Time

By Elizabeth Prata

Answer: Beth Moore is a false teacher. She has always been false.

Who is Beth Moore?

Beth Moore is a Bible teacher based out of Houston. She is married with two grown children, and is a grandmother. Her company is called Living Proof Ministries, a tax-exempt corporation founded in November of 1995. She has written numerous Bible studies and one novel. Moore has a television program on the TBN channel, and also travels around the country teaching at Living Proof Live (LPL) weekends, two-day sessions that fill arenas with enthusiastic women. These LPL attendees are a unique crowd in that some are groupies who follow her from city to city. Others who don’t physically follow Moore from venue to venue but follow her online and her teachings, are fervent in their embracing not only of what Moore teaches but her entire persona. If Moore is critiqued negatively…

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Keep Your Church, Lord

Let not the church suffer dishonor at any time; but may her garments be always white. Let not such as come in among her, that are not of her, utterly despoil her. Oh Christ, as you groaned concerning Judas, so may your children cry to you concerning any that have fallen aside into crooked ways, lest the cause of Christ in the earth should be dishonored.

Oh God, we beseech you, cover with your feathers all the people of Christ; and keep your church, even until he shall come who, having loved his own that were in the world, loved them even to the end.

Amen. ~C.H. Spurgeon  source: SpurgeonBooks.com/pray

How God Rules His World

This teaching series is well worth the listen. Part 2 makes me all the more glad that our Beloved delivered me from the demonic practice of worshiping Him in the same manner as the heathen do their gods, i.e., the Christ Mass and the Easter. Part 3 had me praising our Beloved for delivering me from the spiritual warfare of C. Peter Wagner and such like who rebuke demons after mapping to find out who they are. We surely are wrestling against the powers and the principalities of the air! But we must do it according to God’s holy Word. This series was an eye-opener for me and a great encouragement in my walk with our Beloved Savior and King.