Modern Church Apostasy on Roman Catholicism and Homosexuality

Paul Flynn addresses the false doctrine of Arminianism at the beginning of the show. He makes good points that those who believe that man’s will is the reason for his salvation will fall prey to false doctrines.

Darlene Zschech of Hillsong music joined to worship with Pope Francis. What does this say of her stance on Biblical truth? What is the current state of the church today? Kevin DeYoung’s article ’40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags’ is also looked at in this week’s show, along with some professing Christian responses and objections to the article.


Beware Who You Let Teach You!

Many in the KJV Onlyist camp know that Gail Riplinger is an occultist but there are many who defend her who refuse to believe it. Do they do the research? No. They call you a heretic and a slanderer rather than do their own research. That is not being a Berean of which God’s Word commends them for not taking at face value what they are being taught. The very KJV that they love says that it is not good to allow women to teach men, yet Gail Riplinger is an exception. To their destruction for she is an occultist and a fraud. But, its easier for these lazy KJV Onlyists to accuse me of slander than to check to see if its the truth. They can find many KJV Onlyists who say exactly what I just said about her.

Indeed, all who desire to live godly lives in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil men and imposters go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. ~ 2 Timothy 3: 12-13

1-john-1-6One who follows an occultist for whatever reason walks in darkness. Beware because the wolves are in the church among the brethren. Deceiving the brethren and being deceived-believing lies as truth and troubling the church as though they are holders of truth. So, where does God say that the KJV is the only true version? No where in His Word.

Those who hate religion and the doctrines of men are very likely hating the truth found in God’s Word and depriving themselves of the very foundation for discernment that will protect them from falling for doctrines of demons.

“Shock & Awe”
in the KJV-ONLY Camp

FTA: Gail Riplinger’s latest book, In Awe of Thy Word, is both a broadside attack on the Greek Textus Receptus and an introduction to Kabbalah, which is Jewish occultism. Yet the heretical nature of Riplinger’s book goes undetected by many in the King James-Only community probably because her best-seller, New Age Bible Versions, seemed to uphold the Textus Receptus as the standard text for New Testament translation. When it became apparent that Gail Riplinger had done a volte face on the superiority of the Greek Textus Receptus, it was time for us to reexamine her teachings and to confront many false teachings of King James Onlyism; for there appears to be a “conspiracy of silence” among KJV-Only leaders as Gail takes the movement to a new level of heresy.

Mrs. Riplinger is now on a crusade to destroy confidence in the Greek Textus Receptus as well as Greek and Hebrew resources that enable Christians to determine the accuracy of various Bible translations. Instead of encouraging the use of Greek and Hebrew resources to understand the meanings of the words in Scripture, she teaches her readers how to divine “letter meanings” kabbalistically. Mrs. Riplinger no longer promotes Bible translations based exclusively on the Byzantine text, but translations based on the Alexandrian manuscripts she purports to condemn. And, typical of all KJV-Only publications, In Awe of Thy Word reimages medieval heretics as the “true Christians” who preserved the Traditional Text.

The following extensive and long overdue expose reveals the multitude of outright lies in Gail Riplinger’s books, her shameless misquoting of sources and manipulation of data, her revision of Church history, her subtle teaching of Jewish occultism and her lack of a Christian testimony. Having investigated the endtime deception for well over a decade we thought we had seen everything; however, the sophisticated web of lies, manipulated data and false teachings published by Gail Riplinger surpasses them all. We urge the reader to take time to read each section of this important report, and to “prove all things” by checking our documentation of the many lies in Riplinger’s publications and the massive fraud that is King James Onlyism.

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thess. 5:21)

Don’t be afraid to research all men who preach and teach and write books in the name of Christianity. Far better to be sure of the teaching as to whether it be scripturally sound or not than to be misled with eternal consequences because you did not do the research nor exercise discernment.



An Evil to Beware Of: Kabbalah and the Bible Codes

“Don’t just read your Bible – Count It!” – David Bay

It becomes difficult to dismiss the thought that Gail Riplinger is performing the same function as the “Christian Kabbalists” of the Italian Renaissance and the Rosicrucians of the English Renaissance, who also claimed to be “Christian Kabbalists.” The first batch of false converts posed as enlightened Christians in possession of the key to understanding the hidden truth of Scripture – the Cabala – and they managed to gain the confidence of the Roman Catholic hierarchy by claiming that Kabbalah could be used to prove Christian doctrine. Their hidden agenda, however, was to introduce Kabbalistic methods of interpreting Scripture which could also be used to introduce false doctrines.

Gail’s promotion of Kabbalists and their quest for hidden meanings in the letters of Scripture is conditioning her readers for the false teaching that Francis Bacon and his Rosicrucian brotherhood encrypted secret information in the King James Version. In a 2006 presentation to the Prophecy Club, Gail informed the audience of an exciting discovery by “mathematical statisticians” of Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) in Genesis:
“This particular article is called ‘Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis.’ Several Hebrew scholars took the book of Genesis and using a computer they discovered Equidistant Letter Sequences. They found embedded in the text of the Hebrew Bible the names of people…not people like Moses, but people who lived in the 1900s. It included not only their names but the day they were born, the day they died, and the cities they were born and died in. Now these were in the Hebrew text, not written straight out, but they were equidistant letter sequences. In other words, every third letter would spell their name or every fourth letter. It could be across, down, diagonally, and only a computer could pull all of this information out. The men that they found, the names of the people they found lived in the 5th century, 6th century, 10th century, 19th century.”
Gail did not mention that the data plugged into the computer were …“personalities…taken from the Encyclopedia of Great Men in Israel” and that the encoding of names and dates of “great Torah sages” [read: Kabbalists] proves the “divinity of the Torah,” which is a fundamental principal of Kabbalah. (See: “Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis” by Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips and Yoav Rosenberg)

Other promoters of the popular Bible Code phenomenon include Chuck Missler, the author of Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages, Grant Jeffrey (The Mysterious Hebrew Codes) and other “Christian” Kabbalists who have been cracking the “Bible Codes” which Francis Bacon and his band of the Knights of the Helmet supposedly encrypted in the KJV.

David Bay, who sells the books of Missler, Jeffrey and other Kabbalists, advises Christians, “Don’t just read your Bible – Count It!” This exhortation links to an article on “Bible Numerics” which is a tribute to the work of numerologist, Ivan Panin, whose computations led him to conclude that God did not inspire the Textus Receptus at all but, instead, put his seal of approval on the Greek Text of Westcott and Hort:

“Without the aid of Wescott and Hort I could not have really done my work, because the text of the Authorized Version from my point of view – not from the point of view of salvation or doctrine even, but from the textual point of view – the text of the Authorized Version was useless to me, and for this reason: it has too many inaccuracies for my special purpose…
“…Wescott and Hort based all their work largely on the Vatican and Sinai MSS., and decided that wherever the two MSS. agreed, that should generally settle the reading. Well, you know, there has been some doubt cast upon the Sinai MSS., because a very shrewd Greek copied a great many MSS. and tried to foist his own MSS. on the folk, so that has left a cloud on the Sinai MSS., and some people see fit to cast doubt on it even now, when there is the question as to whether the British Government did wisely to take part in its acquisition … I have analysed the Greek words for the Sinai and Vatican Codexes. I have here page after page of the numerics of those words in Greek. Whenever we wish to study numerics relating to our own affairs or life or anything else, we must always remember that the language in which God wishes us to count is Greek, because He left the name of the anti-christ in Greek. You and I will have to stand the test when anti-christ comes. The Holy Spirit has given us warning. ‘Be sure not to receive this mark of the beast upon you,’ because it will be the number of the beast upon ourselves. The Holy Spirit warns us that he is 666, that is, in Greek. You and I have to go to numerics in Greek when we wish to prove the correctness of a passage. The three words show striking numerics. There is a system there of sevens and nines at once on the blackboard. I have here page after page of the numerics of those three words. The Sinai Codex has a separate scheme of its own and the Vatican Codex has a separate scheme of its own.’
“That is how God has set His seal on His book; so that by the aid of the text presented to us by Wescott and Hort, I was able to verify everything they stated, and verify all the doubtful readings, so that those two great MSS. can be established in such a way that no one can attack their authenticity. This is the testimony of numerics as to any aspersion on the Sinai Codex.” (“Bible Numerics Examined” – Part II)

According to one critique of “Bible Numerics Examined”, Ivan Panin doctored the Greek Text to arrive at a predetermined conclusion:

“One of the best-known examples of Ivan Panin’s work concerns the first part of the New Testament, namely the first one or two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew… Ivan Panin was not the only writer to undertake this study. In 1923, R. McCormack published The Heptadic Structure of Scripture (Marshall Brothers), which also showed a great many features of the number 7 in the first two chapters of Matthew… In order to produce these patterns, they modified the text using the many variant readings that appear in old manuscripts. In addition to this deliberate cooking of the data, they presented some of the vast number of features of 7 that appear in any text by pure chance. The only logical conclusion we can draw from this sorry episode is that neither author achieved anything beyond self-delusion.” (Brendan McKay, “In Search of Mathematical Miracles”)



A great way of saying, beware of false doctrine!



It’s happened to most of us. You suddenly feel your muscles ache, fever, stomach ache and nausea…you have FOOD POISONING. Something you ate, something that was supposed to nourish you made you sick. Something that was supposed to give you strength made you weak, something that was supposed to help your body…hurt it.

Sometimes something can look delicious, smell delicious and taste delicious and still be deadly. Salmonella, Botulism, Listeria are just a few are bacteria that make good food toxic. They infect what’s good….You have fever, stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea because your body is trying to get rid of it. Your muscles ache making you weak and unfit for work.

The same is true with the WORD OF GOD.


1 Peter 2:2 (ESV)

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation—

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