Why Some Christians Don’t Celebrate Christmas


FTA: Many feel that Christmas marks Christ’s birthday and that it honors Him. After all, can 2 billion professing Christians be wrong? At the same time, some few Christians don’t observe Christmas, believing that Jesus didn’t sanction it and that it dishonors Him. Who is right—and why?

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One day, years ago, someone asked me why I kept Christmas. “The Bible says to keep it,” I responded. “Somewhere in the Gospel of Luke, it speaks of the nativity scene. An angel told some shepherds that were keeping their sheep in the fields at night that the baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem. I think they went to see Jesus at that time.

“That was the first Christmas! And that’s why I keep Christmas, because the Bible supports Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ.”

“That’s not true and here’s why,” my friend replied…

Read more here: http://www.ucg.org/doctrinal-beliefs/why-some-christians-dont-celebrate-christmas/

2 thoughts on “Why Some Christians Don’t Celebrate Christmas

  1. I am a Christian and I don’t Celebrate Christmas


    FTA: Most people are shocked when they discover that I don’t celebrate Christmas. When they ask me why I don’t celebrate Christmas, I simply answer them, “I don’t celebrate Christmas because I am a Christian.” I immediately get different reactions from my friends. Some would react with a constipated look, while others are just look at me with suspicion. After all, if you are a Christian, you should celebrate Christmas, right? Well, let me explain this to you and show you why Christians should never celebrate Christmas…


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