Christmas and the Celebration of Christ’s Birth

Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth are two things that must always be kept separate in our thinking!

However, this has become impossible for many Christians in this age because of the impression created by the erroneous but long-established traditions of men that Christmas IS all about Christ’s birth. It is the common misapprehension among God’s people today that Christmas is about Christ’s birth and that the world has hijacked this sacred festival for its own evil ends. Nothing could be further from the truth. For many modern Christians it is almost sacrilegious to suggest that Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. Sadly, that only reflects the reality that today the minds of God’s people at large are not under the strict discipline of Scripture as they ought to be.

The festivities of Christmas as it is known today are a relatively modern invention and, Biblically speaking, have nothing whatever to do with the birth of Christ. Rather, the celebration of December 25th as a feast day can be traced back to the paganism of Babylon (Jeremiah 52:31), to elements of Egyptian worship, and to the idolatrous worship of Saturn in Roman times. “Far and wide in the realms of paganism was this birth day observed”, Rev. A. Hislop, The Two Babylons. The winter solstice celebrations were ‘christianized’ by the already ‘paganized’ Church of Rome around the 4th century and adopted into the church calendar as a supposed celebration of the birth of Christ. More and more the modern Christmas can be seen to be returning to its pagan roots as immorality, drunkenness and sensual revelry of every kind is exhibited. Surely, any Christian whose thinking is disciplined by the Bible must stop and ask themselves: “What has any of this to do with the birth of the Son of God as that event is recorded and revealed in Scripture?” The only Biblical answer is an emphatic: “Nothing!” Whatever Church/religious/family traditions may be invoked in support of Christmas as a celebration of Christ’s birth, the Bible gives no warrant whatever to the celebration of Christmas in such a way.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas and the Celebration of Christ’s Birth

  1. The author, in the comment line of his article, says that Jeremiah 10 is not about the X Mass tree. However, it most certainly is in its history as it is about the tree being brought into homes and decorated, a ritual that has been passed down through the ages from ancient Babylon. There is no Apostolic foundation for the practice, leaving only the foundation of paganism as its root.


  2. What to do with Christmas or aka Christ’s Mass

    FTA: Is it good to reflect on Christ’s birth? ABSOLUTELY. But can we not also reflect on this day just by getting into the Word for ourselves? Nonetheless it is wrong to celebrate His birthday with heathen customs tied in and pretend it is somehow honors the Lord, much less on a day the world has falsely adopted as such in error, passed on from an apostate religion.

    Sadly most churches would be more concerned about losing “church membership” and sticking out like a sore thumb, so they won’t even go there. When Jesus Christ and His apostles walked the earth, they too were in the minority in wanting to tell people the truth, so why should we expect it be any different now? People try to justify and say even if it’s not His birthday the day still honors Him. I don’t see how.

    People need to understand and care why the world DOES celebrate it on this day. Problem is it’s not biblical. The reason we as Christians celebrate this day (which appears the Protestant Reformation clearly never grasped and understood) is because in many ways we still have not fully separated from Rome. Sadly for the most part, the Christian churches of today still want to have their cake and eat it too. Many in our area host a time with a Santa and Mrs. Claus even stopping by. Yes in our minds we want to have every reason to celebrate it and make it all OK.


    1. ITA~

      FTA: It sickens me when people say Merry Xmas knowing what I now know. I am saddened when people say “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” or “Let’s put Christ back in Xmess“. I almost want to gag. Let’s be truthful here. JESUS CHRIST is so far removed from this day in so many ways it isn’t even funny. He is NOT the reason we celebrate this season. He would want NO part of this idolatrous worship of materialism. I often think people throw out these catch phrases mentioned above because it makes it easier for them to justify and feel better about embracing all the materialism and worldliness that goes along with it…..yes all in the name of Christ. They’ve done it for so long it becomes a habit that’s hard to break. Who are we fooling? Jesus said take up your cross and follow Him. Deny yourself. Do not adopt the WAYS of the heathen. I don’t know how much clearer that can be.


  3. As we sat at our kitchen table reading God’s Word and giving Him glory I was visibly moved to tears reading Jeremiah 10!! HE IS THE LORD OUR GOD! We should love, honor and obey Him the way He commands, not the way we want that gives us that false “feel good, fuzzy feeling”! HE IS NOT ABOUT EMOTIONS!!

    “Thus saith The Lord…”

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