Anti-Christ’s Papacy

Here is the temporal and spiritual monarchy of the Papacy foretold.

Verily Bible prophecy makes no mistakes and history makes no mistakes in fulfilling it. Survey the centuries from the fifth to the thirteenth, and if we have eyes to see we shall discover in the tumbling seas of Europeans confusion the footsteps of the Antichrist in the murky waters.

Ancient Paganism, Druidic and Scandinavian superstition, Jewish Rabbinism and Oriental philosophy all make their contribution. And apostate church arranges, and combines these heterogeneous elements and stamping them with its own impress, gives it to the world as Christianity.

Let us mark the Colossus. His visage grows as the centuries revolve, and at last as we see him as he is we are struck with the fact that we have seen him before. Daniel, Paul and John by the power of the Holy Ghost, painted him correctly and painstakingly. He put the nations in fear. He claimed to be God’s Viceregent and stricken kings and nations cowed before him.

He promulgated the sign and lying wonder of transubstantiation and today corrupt Protestantism is drugged by its satanic poison. He initiated the “Holy Office” of the Inquisition and raised an apparatus of torture which only the genius of Satan could devise. He dethroned kings and nations could not inter their dead because of his curse. Everything and everybody who got in his way he ruthlessly destroyed.

If this be not Antichrist then Antichrist we will never see. For prophecy completely and perfectly fulfilled is in itself completely and perfectly consummated. This is the complete and perfect fulfillment of the prophecy of the person, the power, and the pride of Antichrist.

Thou Pope of Rome, we know thee who thou art, the Unholy One of Hell, the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition. WE LOOK NOT FOR ANOTHER. PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE THOU ART THE ANTICHRIST.

Read more here: European Institute of Protestant Studies-Dr. Ian Paisley

4 thoughts on “Anti-Christ’s Papacy

  1. It’s amazing that someone would believe the words of Ian Paisley who attributes all the end-time evils to the papacy, AND DOESN’T QUOTE ONE VERSE TO SUPPORT HIS CLAIMS. YET, YOU FALL FOR HIS UNBIBLICAL, UNSCRIPTURAL TEACHINGS.


    1. All you have, Jim, in all of your intellectual wasteland of comments throughout this blog is incorrect interpretations of scriptures and wrongly quoted bible verses. You trip over yourself too much and are proving yourself to be a false teacher. You don’t believe in the Trinity and you defend the RCC. You are hardly anyone I would respect and consider over Ian Paisley who has done his research even if you don’t think I have.

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