About The Nativity Scene

The Nativity of our Lord was not celebrated in the Early Church. In fact, the Early Church actually condemned the celebration of all birthdays as something the sinners do and what the pagans did. So why would we think that if they condemned all celebrations of birthdays that they would allow the celebration of the Lord’s Nativity? But even more so was the condemnation of paganism that was so tied to Lord’s Nativity when the Lord’s Nativity was placed on the pagan day of Saturnalia with all it’s rituals and celebratory acts…

Read the article here.

Another great read, Demystifying the Nativity Scene! Looking through Middle Eastern Eyes and Problems of Western Romanticism

hattip: Maria~thanks, friend, for sending these articles my way! It lines up with what was discussed on your thought-provoking post, Essay Question

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