Our Warfare Is Not With Men

30cf7e3b5d6939ea26084f19af50b973No one is safe, because his brother is in danger: no man is better, because his neighbour is worse. Our warfare is not with men, but with sins. We love the erring, but not their errors; and we oppose their errors, because we love the erring, and because we desire their salvation, which is perilled by their errors, and because we love the truth, which is able to save their souls.

We know that Error is manifold, but Truth is one: and that, therefore, it is not enough to oppose Error: for one error may be opposed by another error; and the only right opposition to Error is Truth. We know, also , that by God’s mercy there are truths in the Church of Rome as well as errors; and that some who oppose Rome, may be opposing her truths, and not her errors. But our warfare is against the errors of Rome, and for the maintenance of the truth of Christ. We reject Popery because we profess Christianity. We flee Babylon, because we love Zion. And the aim of our warfare is not to destroy our adversaries, but to save their souls and ours. Therefore in what we have said on this subject, we have endeavoured to follow the precept of the Apostle, Speak the truth in love (Eph. Iv.15); and if, through human infirmity, any thing has been spoken otherwise, we pray God that it may perish speedily, as though it had never been.


May the Lord open the eyes of His children to see what an abomination the Christ Mass is and how He hates this tradition of men “holy” day! No wonder unbelievers consider Jesus to be just another pagan god when He is lowered to the same status as all other pagan gods, who are no gods, whose birth is on or around the 25th of December. One can look up the modern-day Wiccans celebration of Yule and see that Christians are not keeping themselves from even the appearance of evil in God’s sight. We may see a pretty tree all lit up >in the house, or worse, in the church!< but God sees the heathen worship of Nimrod with this phallus symbol. Deuteronomy 12:29-31; Jeremiah 10:1-3 This very same syncretism (which is idolatry when defended) is what brought God’s judgement on Israel. None of the Apostles would ever say we have liberty to christianize that which has a demonic foundation. Acts 19:19 They knew God’s jealous wrath on Israel for it. Its time to love the Lord Jesus Christ more than family and get rid of that which grieves His heart. Ezekiel 6:9; 14:6

Spoken with love for Christ Jesus, my Beloved and yours. God bless~


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