9 thoughts on “Secret Sins

        1. No, not today, but tomorrow, if I go in. I have Bell’s Palsy and it makes it difficult to talk and gives blurry vision, let alone I’m talking like I have a wad of cotton in my mouth! With half my face paralyzed it doesn’t look good either. 😛


  1. A few days. The first day I was able to work despite the facial problem and blurred vision. But Thursday it was bad and so I went to the clinic which took me to the hospital where they diagnosed it. I figured it was a mild stroke, which I have had, but it wasn’t working itself out as usual. Now I have meds but its getting worse, not better. Aargh! Can take up to 6 months to clear! aCk! Oh well. I have to see the doctor in a week and maybe she can find out what caused this.


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