Jehovah’s Witnesses & Cults Generally

Grain of Wheat


I have recently had two people knock on my door who were from the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation, and as I pointed them to my blog, I just wanted to put here a few links to sites with further information to help them, should they be interested.

Although most people are familiar with the JW organisation, many will not know how their beliefs and practices differ from those of true, Bible believing Christians.  It is certainly worthwhile familiarising yourself with a few of their core doctrines and a brief history of their organisation, to both help you to speak with them and to protect and warn others of the falsehoods they propagate.

It is important to remember that most of Jehovah’s Witness at your door, or in the street, will often be genuine people.   They are frequently zealous for the truth they have learnt from their organisation – the Watchtower Bible…

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