Wacky British-Israelism


I was saved back in 1983, well before the age of the internet. In those days, the most popular information mediums were still print and television. There was an elderly man who used to appear on television every weekend by the name of Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986, photo left). Armstrong was the founder of a sect, The Worldwide Church of God, and his television show was called “The World Tomorrow.” I remember Armstrong being a very dour man who was constantly talking about the end times and the books of the Bible that included end times prophecy, like Revelation and Daniel.

I have a first cousin by the name of Jimmy Z., who was also working at Kodak’s Elmgrove Plant at the time I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I used to bump into Jimmy now and then in the hallways and the conversation would always flow from family news…

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