Blinded by the Light

God has His watchmen to help the undiscerning (which is all of us in some some area or other) and we can seem like the light is being shone in our brothers’ eyes or that we are bullies when there is something that we know they are doing against God’s Word but we desire to help them to see it. If they refuse the correction then we are not viewed as loving though we really are. Yet, this is still a good word for watchmen to heed, that we are pointing the light to God’s Word and if they get upset leave it with God, rather than turning the light on them to blind them..

New Hope for Dry Bones

When I was a teen or in my early twenties, I’m not really certain exactly when this event occurred.  One thin I am sure of, it was late at night.

I was driving along on a road that was usually deserted at the time I was on it heading toward home.  In fact, home was just a few more twists and turns down the road.

I was probably driving way too fast.  It seems that most of my driving in those days was way too fast.

But as I was driving along this narrow, dark, familiar road, I approached another vehicle.  The dim red tail lights began to come more and more into focus and soon I could see they were attached to a beat up white van.

I was deciding whether or not to pass the van and the strangest thing happened.

The rear doors on the van flew…

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