Are You Flirting With Satan?

FTA: To act according to that which is pleasing to the senses is to be mired in Satan’s world system and is to flirt with Satan.

By David Ettinger

evil eye

Tragic Results
a poignant YouTube commentary a while ago, Stephen Green made some
astute observations following the Paris terror attack on Nov. 13, 2015,
which claimed 130 lives, 89 of them in one venue. That venue was the Le
Bataclan concert hall where the band Eagles of Death Metal was playing.
During the concert, three terrorists stormed the venue and opened fire.

Green, National Director of Christian Voice, a Christian Advocacy
group in the United Kingdom, researched the band’s song titles and
lyrics. The first verse Green mentions is: “Cause watching you suffer
feels so much better to you. I’m about to lay destruction on you.”
Another is, “I’m feeling power from the pit of hell.”

Green also reveals the song the band was playing when the terrorists
burst in. It is “Kiss the Devil” and its opening stanza is: “Who’ll love
the devil? / Who’ll…

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One thought on “Are You Flirting With Satan?

  1. Its a danger in the most subtlest and beautiful of ways. We do this at X Mass time-the world loves this day, especially the pagans. But we all have our areas of weakness…


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