What Are the Works of the Law?

I think there are many Christians who don’t understand this concept. Many believe that apostolic teachings are works of the law and so there is either no need to obey the teaching or that there is liberty to keeping it. I hope this post will clear things up. I will also post a link of interest at the end of this post which has brought on the unfounded and unresearched accusation of this practice being a works of the law. Be sure you understand what is meant by the “works of the law” before you study that biblical issue.    😀


The term erga nomou (“works of the Law”) is used by Paul to denote deeds prescribed by the Mosaic Law ( Rom 2:15 ; Romans 3:20 Romans 3:27 Romans 3:28 ; Gal 2:16 ; Galatians 3:2 Galatians 3:5 Galatians 3:10 ). Although not found in the Old Testament or later rabbinic literature, this phrase appears in Qumran literature (maase torah,4QFlor 1:1-7; cf. 1QS 6:18; 1 QpHab 7:11). At times Paul shortens the phrase and uses erga, “works” ( Romans 4:2 Romans 4:6 ; Romans 9:11 Romans 9:32 ; 11:6 ), referring to a mode of relationship to the Law and set in contrast to faith in Christ.

Various interpretations of this phrase include: “good works, ” in the sense of humankind’s striving for self-achievement apart from God; observances of Mosaic Law that seek to earn God’s favor; and distinctive Jewish identity markers (i.e., circumcision, dietary regulations, and Sabbath observance). Read more here.




Now I will post a study concerning head coverings for men and women. I wear a head covering now since I read an article sent to me by a FB friend. I can’t find that article now but this study is what I ran across looking for it. Many consider this practice to be a works of the law though the women who are practicing it are doing it to be obedient to Christ Jesus and in no way do they think it is to obtain God’s favor unto salvation. Wearing a head covering has reasons to it we should not ignore.

The Case For Christian Head Covering: A Guided Study of 1 Corinthians 11

4 thoughts on “What Are the Works of the Law?

  1. Sherry, several women in our church have begun to worship with their head covered, mostly from one of our pastors’ extended family – even little girls. Thank you for posting these things. I look forward to the Critical Commentary video. Awhile back, after learning why this is to be done, I did wear a hat. Because of what is happening at our church and the Scriptural warrant, I will pray about this.
    You are a blessing. It really isn’t legalism of any kind.

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    1. Maria, let me make a confession to you, and one that is a bit embarassing to me, though I can’t really do anything about it. I have thinning hair so I needed to find what kind of head covering to wear to church and my FB friend happened to post an article on head coverings and why we should wear them in church, at least. It is such a beautiful reason! Sadly, why it stopped is not so beautiful. I’m also finding that I like wearing skirts and certain ones are as practical as my jeans are. The only time I have put on a man’s shirt is when I am painting or doing a dirty job. This may sound silly but I feel more feminine in a skirt and more mindful, more respectful, in a head covering.

      Have a blessed day, precious sister! \o/

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