How To Avoid Christ

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We must take care not to sacrifice truth on the altar of being at peace with the brethren. If you haven’t the stomach to give strong rebuke to your brethren then don’t speak up and, certainly, never apologize for those who do!

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. –Proverbs 27:6 

Truth offends the mind to reveal the heart.



10 thoughts on “How To Avoid Christ

  1. “You and I cannot be useful if we want to be sweet as honey in the mouths of men. God will never bless us if we wish to please men, that they may think well of us. Are you willing to tell them what will break your own heart in the telling and break theirs in the hearing? If not, you are not fit to serve the Lord. You must be willing to go and speak for God, though you will be rejected.”

    ~ Charles Spurgeon 1834-1892

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