Kept from the Hour

Do you worry that Christians will be left behind because they don’t believe the pre-tribulation rapture? I used to wonder about it but just left it in our Beloved’s hands. After the first 15 minutes of this video I no longer am concerned for those who believe that they will go through The Tribulation period. Boy, are they going to be be surprised to see that they didn’t go through it! Praises to our Beloved God for His mercy and grace!  \o/



If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, please watch the following video:



Don’t go through the Tribulation for it will be the worst time in all of human history. The world-wide Flood was the worst and that means it will be worse than that.  It will include severe earthquakes, fires everywhere, physical pain like nothing ever experienced, and poisoned waters to name just a few things one will face in it. But, if the Lord should tarry in calling us up to be with Him where He is during this miserable time you do not want to die without Christ for if you do you will have an eternity of suffering that will make the temporary miseries of the Tribulation seem like a paradise.

To come before a Most holy God you need Christ’s righteousness because your own righteousness God will not even consider. You need His blood covering for your sins because God cannot look upon sin and you because of it. Only Christ’s finished work on the cross, and His death, burial and resurrection will God look on and He will look on you if you believe and are found in Him. Choose this day life, His life, life eternal in His glorious Kingdom.

For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” –Luke 19:10

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