The Red Ideology of Roman Catholic Marxism

A few days ago the Roman pope, Francis I, “canonised” Oscar Romero.  This means this Romish archbishop is now a “saint” in the Roman Catholic sense, which is not the biblical meaning of being a saint at all.

When Romero was “beatified” (the first step towards “sainthood” in Romanism) in 2015, I wrote an article entitled Oscar Romero: Rome’s Political “Martyr in a New Light.”  In light of this recent “canonisation”, we are resending the link to this article.

Romero was murdered in 1980.  His “canonisation” is of immense significance to the vast Roman Catholic population of Latin America, and to the entire Roman Catholic world.  For in doing so, the Papacy has given a huge boost to the violent doctrine of “liberation theology”, which is nothing less than Roman Catholic Marxism, and sent a message to the world that could not be clearer: that the largest and most powerful religion on the face of the earth has committed itself, from its pope all the way down through the ranks, to a Marxist world, and will readily endorse violence to push this Red ideology.

Liberation theology is the diabolical teaching that Romanism and Marxism are one and the same; that Christ and Marx were working for the same things; that the creation of a Communist world will be the creation of Christ’s kingdom on earth; that violence against the State is justified if it ushers in a more just social order (a Marxist government); etc.

This article explains the truth about this evil man, Oscar Romero; his influence; the intrigues and schemes to get him “canonised”; and the benefits Rome will reap from his (false) “sainthood”.  All true Christians should understand how the Papacy operates, why it does what it does, and how it makes use of men like Oscar Romero to achieve its objectives.

This article is easily accessed by clicking on the link below.  You may read it online, or (which we recommend) simply click on the PDF format and you will be able to download and print it:


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