15 thoughts on “Losing Focus of the Truth

  1. Sherry, thank you very much for posting this excellent sermon from Pastor Jim Murphy of First Baptist Church of Johnson City, NY.

    I have a few thoughts on this sermon.

    1) I’m going to guess that the vast majority of professing evangelicals would say this sermon was “negative” and “divisive,” such is the sad state of the church today. Anything remotely resembling this message – with names being named – is largely missing throughout the contemporary church.

    2) It took Pastor Jim ten minutes to prepare the congregation before he got to the meat of his message, which means he wasn’t preaching on these issues previously. I’m happy for him and is congregation that he is finally standing up for God’s Word in regards to these errors. Pastors obviously avoid this kind of controversial preaching out of fear. I’m sure some of the admirers of the people named by Pastor Jim will not be coming back to FBC.

    3) In his description of the history of the gradual falling away over the last 70 years, I’m disappointed that Pastor Jim did not name Billy Graham. With his pioneering efforts on behalf ecumenism, Graham had much more to do with the falling away than most or even all of the names mentioned. I believe Pastor Jim knows this, but declined to name Graham perhaps because that would have been too much for the congregation to handle?

    Sorry. I’m not trying to nitpick this sermon. I praise the Lord that Pastor Jim decided to draw a line in the sand upon the Word of God for his congregation.

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    1. Oh! You are not nitpicking, Tom! I never thought of it concerning not mentioning Graham. Perhaps it was wisdom on the pastor’s part. Once one starts to clean up the paganism from their church and lives it may be they will run across a Graham book or video and find out about him then. He didn’t mention Joyce Meyer, either. These two are very popular with Christians. Some can swallow the names he mentioned but tend to choke on Graham and Meyer. Then the whole message gets lost. I thought it brave of him to mention Beth Moore. I’ve tried to tell others about her and, oh! how snippy the dear sisters can be! 😮 She is their goddess!

      Great comment, Tom. Have a blessed day in the Lord! \o/

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      1. Thanks, Sherry! I thought it was interesting that a church-sponsored bus trip to a Beth Moore appearance was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the pastor. Thanks and have a blessed day in the Lord also!

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