15 responses to “There Are Times to Walk Away and Go It Alone

  1. Yes, I almost didn’t make a post on it but it is a worthy quote to think on.

    My initial thought was concerning stepping away from those who would think us reprobates for not celebrating X Mass and Easter. These are our brethren who would have us return to the unholy days and disobey our Lord who brought us out from among them. And, I thought of how I felt when I first stopped these ungodly celebrations-alone. No one understood my decision. I did think that, Hey! We are never alone with the Holy Spirit guiding us and bringing us comfort and strength as we obey. Tozer mentions our following the Holy Spirit so I believe he meant the wordly, be they Christians or non-Christians, in our lives. Christians can just as easily do the devil’s work though they may not realize it.

    What are your thoughts?

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      • Me, too. I’m pretty much OK when it comes to all of the world celebrating it-its what the unregenerate do, but it bothers me so to see our brethren celebrate it in ignorance. A sister told a brother, with an “LOL” added, not to pay attention to anything I had to say since I have a blog called, XMassH8rs. I explained it briefly to her then just “walked away.” I’ve realized that its not my job to convict or convince but to warn. But, like the prophet, Jeremiah, it hurts and brings tears. Not because they won’t listen to me but that they won’t listen to God anymore than those who wouldn’t listen to Jeremiah as he pleaded with them to repent.

        Plus, I’m not looking forward to having those songs sung that get caught up in my heart like a broken record and then I have to play a hymn to “sing” in my heart to get over them! aCk!

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        • That shouldn’t have been said about you, Sherry. We shouldn’t get between people unless for a very good reason. “How many times must I forgive my brother, Lord…?” comes to mind.

          Jeremiah experienced so much pain! His eyes rsn with tears.

          Music can stay in our minds. I drive it out like you do with other music. I need more music in my life right now. You love music, don’t you?

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        • Yes, I do love hymn and some contemporary Christian music but I can’t sing out loud at all. But, our bodies are the Lord’s temples so I pray the Holy Spirit to fill me with songs of praise and worship. And He does! It helps me through the day sometimes, even if I only know a line or two of a song. It is a great help, too, when I find myself murmuring and complaining…

          I’m also loving classical and light classical music which I can get on the TV and radio. Sometimes, I just want the music with no words. But you should see how fast I run to the source when Ave Maria is played! LOL! And, when Handel’s Messiah is played…no work is done…I play it through my computer whenever I want-why do people consider it a Christ Mass song? Its the only time its heard, for the most part.

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  2. Sherry, my cousin Paul gave me the recording of the entire Messiah. As a young girl I listened again and again. I truly believe it became the means for the Lord to plant imperishable seed in my heart. I thank the Lord for my cousin! He died young.

    You are obedient, letting His Word dwell richly in you, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

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