The Claim That John Calvin Was a Murderer Addressed

Was John Calvin a Murderer?

Q – Was John Calvin a Murder?

Jim – This is a question that shows up in my email from time to time. It’s a claim that is leveled by those who seek to besmirch Reformed Theology. Usually, the claim that Calvin was a murderer is an attempt to make all Calvinistic doctrine wrong through “guilt by association.”

However, historically speaking, the so-called “Doctrines of Grace” – which go by the nickname of Calvinism – did not originate with Calvin. They are the result of a Synod held in Dort, Holland in 1618/19, after Calvin was long dead. Those of us who hold to Reformed Theology do so not because we are attempting to replicate the theology or ecclesiology of John Calvin, but because we are convinced that the Biblical arguments and conclusions stemming from that Synod are valid and our own exegesis confirms the five points.

If it could be proven that John Calvin was indeed a murderous wretch, it would have no effect on the theology that sprung from the pen of the Reformers. In other words, the “guilt by association” tactic has no teeth. That being said, let’s clear up the history and let the proverbial chips fall where they will.

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Was Calvin an Ecumenist?

Intro to article: John Calvin has a justified reputation as an aggressive, divisive theologian, but in his own terms he was an ecumenist, doing more than anyone else to forge Reformed Protestantism into a single body (against Rome)…

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8 responses to “The Claim That John Calvin Was a Murderer Addressed

  1. Is Calvinism a cult? Is it dangerous? Those who hate Calvin say “yes” to both inquiries and here is an article that will give you a taste of why.

    Did you notice that it is replete with scriptures and quotations from history to prove their assertions? The unlearned and lazy will fall for this claptrap hook, line and sinker and then use it to “save” the brethren from the evils of Calvinism.

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    • YW! Praises be to God for leading me to them-even the one about Calvinism being a cult.

      You know how I messed up in response to the two bloggers with that Encyclopedia source so I had to do the research because I knew that Calvin wasn’t a murderer-he wasn’t even a citizen of Geneva at the time-all he could do was recommend what to do. No one had to listen to him.If it hadn’t been the Protestants to execute Servetus then the RCC would have done it-they had him charged with heresy before Calvin did.

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  2. This is little more than a ploy not to discredit Calvin so much, but the Lord Jesus Himself. If the ‘doctrines of grace’ can be shown to be bogus, then the Sovereignty of God will not be far behind; hence the age old “I will ascend into heaven… I will be like the Most High.” The de-throning of God has always been the end game of the wicked one and this is just another attempt on his part to accomplish that goal. How many willfully ignorant ‘Christians’ have fallen for this lie is unknown.


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    • Thanks for commenting, Darrel! Right on target with what you said, too. I almost had a problem with “willfully ignorant…” until I saw that you had Christians in quote marks. Sadly, lazy Christians have fallen for this lie, as well as many others, because they do not do the research. Their pet teacher says it is so and so its truth to them. We need to be careful that we do not slander a brother in Christ just because their teaching rubs us the wrong way.

      Have a wonderfully blessed night, Brother!

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