The Slaughter of Bereans

hattip: Dan Perry

From the article:

In our contemporary church, however, Bereans are being slaughtered by professing brothers who falsely believe unity is enhanced by the lack of biblically-informed, biblically-commanded, critical discernment.  The professing church is murdering Bereans.

Bereans are being slaughtered by professing brothers

It is more popular to murder with scorn and disregard those who use the Biblical gift of discernment than it is to simply thank them for loving the brothers enough to expose and kill the wolves and false teachers who wear the clothing of a shepherd (“kill” them by the very act of destroying their false doctrines with God’s truth and exposing them as charlatans).
The mantra of today’s worldly, deceived “Christianity” has become “Touch not the Lords Anointed.” Either the explicit or implicit clamoring of this ill-used phrase wreaks a disastrous effect within the church and, it is exacerbated most visibly by the increasing prevalence of “celebrity” Christianity that has overtaken every facet of the modern church.

2 thoughts on “The Slaughter of Bereans

    1. Yes, it does! That’s why discernment is considered an exercise (insert the Mugsy on treadmill emoji here). 😀

      As you know, knowing scriptures is key and the more we learn and know scriptures the more discerning we become. Confronting is scary, true! Love for the brethren compels us, though. And to be reproved is only as comfortable as we are teachable. Even if we think we know the truth it never hurts to recheck our beliefs. We can also keep in mind that not every correction is from God. He will let us know through His Holy Spirit. And, a lesson I’ve learned in being corrected is that God will use the very person we would least likely listen to if there be any pride or hard headedness in us.

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