INFLUENCE: How do Christians gain it?

hattip to Elizabeth of the WordPress blog, I ONCE WAS LOST

Biblical Connection

When I think of the men in Christian circles who have money, influence, and a platform to communicate with the world, I must say I cringe a bit.

man watching TVOftentimes, the ones teaching a damning false gospel have the most wealth, influence, and the biggest platforms to reach the world. I think of all those faithful men with little or no platform, wealth, or influence who would love to get the pure, unadulterated Gospel to the masses, but seem to have their hands tied by the prince of this world, Satan.

Then I think of the handful of Christian men who do have more wealth, influence, and platforms by which to communicate and I think that at least this small handful have prayerinfluence.  Then I watch as they use their influence to communicate very moral messages, but they hold hands with heretics and hedonism to do so.  If they just created moral…

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