“What’s Next – Temple Prostitutes?”

Well, why not? Churches are already setting up the symbol of Nimrod’s phallus, the X Mass tree, right up there next to the pulpit where God’s Word is preached! And the church sees nothing wrong with Easter eggs (symbols of fertility) and sunrise services!

From the article:

About a decade ago, I became aware of the new wave of false teaching entering the church. One aspect of that teaching hinted that our experience with Jesus was (should be?) sexual. (Christians who use a mantra, as in contemplative prayer, and go into an altered state of consciousness sometimes have erotic experiences, which they mistakenly believe to be “union” with God/Jesus.) There was new interest in/promotion of the “bridal mysticism” of medieval nuns like Teresa of Avila: “Body and spirit are in the throes of a sweet, happy pain . . . and a spell of strangulation . . . swoon-like weakness . . .” There were quotes in Christian books, like Tony Campolo saying, “There is nothing wrong . . . with eroticism in worship.”

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2 responses to ““What’s Next – Temple Prostitutes?”

  1. Just had a thought…”A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” First it was the age of reason that crept into the church and then the X Mass “holy” day and Easter, then christianized Rock and Roll (which term is of a sexually perverse meaning) then the circuses Spurgeon prophesied about…{groan} and {sigh}…all in worship to the god, Hedonism, but we are to imagine, no, we are to believe it is to our true God whether He likes it or not.

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