Joyce Meyer is a Liar

Although this video is made by a KJV Onlyist it is still, for the most part, a good video exposing the false teachers of our day. As for KJV Onlyism, I do not agree with them because it was founded by slandering Wescott and Hort and twisting the scripture of Psalm 12:6-7. There are modern per-versions of the Holy Bible but KJV Onlyists want you to believe that updated translations, like the NKJV and NIV, are all per-versions. It is elitism, too, to condemn people for the version they prefer over the KJV.  To simplify, a modern per-version would be one that is focused on an agenda instead of the Lord God. Like the Message is a New Age version and there are also Bibles that are for feminists and gays. Many Study Bibles are done by false teachers such as John MacArthur and John Hagee and, the lady of our post,  Joyce Meyer.

Be discerning~


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