QUOTING HERETICS: Tim Keller and his friends

Biblical Connection

keller2 Tim Keller: a sheep in appearance, but a wolf in disguise

While I may privately read after a number of sources to stay abreast of the latest heresies or literature available, I am deeply aware that I must never exalt such literature or writers to a pedestal by quoting them in a positive or spiritual context.  I would hate to confuse a “weaker brother” who would then follow after such a man or heretic.  

Paul the apostle appears to have quoted from outright unbelievers’ literature at Mars Hill, which is precedent for the acceptability of reading and quoting literature by an unbeliever when the content is morally acceptable.  However, Paul showed absolutely no tolerance for false teachers. Never did he quote them.  Never did he bid them well.  In his Roman letter, he told believers to mark and avoid such men.  In his letter to the Galatians, he desired…

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5 responses to “QUOTING HERETICS: Tim Keller and his friends

    • YW! Praises to the Lord for this coming across my path! I checked it out first because many laud the man and I’m skiddish when it comes to finding fault for fear of slandering a brother in Christ. Its legit, sadly.

      Have a blessed day, Elizabeth!

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  1. Sherry and Elizabeth, I’m hearing troubling things about the Gospel Coalition, that is, that it is ecumenical. However there is at least one solid teacher still in its ranks, Tim Challies. Biblical Connection doesn’t make distinctions like this, and includes both Catholics and reformers like Luther and Calvin in his discussion of heretics.

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    • Yes, I know he has a problem with Calvin and Luther but he is spot on with Tim Keller. As he said in his post a few from the GC are biblically sound in teachings. My problem is the unequal yoking with Roman Catholicism. Another troubling thing about Keller is that he is an evolutionist and that is not a sound teaching. He says he wants to be neutral on the creation/evolution debate but there is no debate to be had. Even Ken Ham pointed out his viewpoint’s logical flaws.

      Although I have no problem with Calvin as of yet, nor of Luther, I do have a problem with joining in with Roman Catholicism and Keller’s evolution stance. It is heresy.

      Have a blessed day, Maria! xo

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