I am grieved for those who cannot understand my concerns and my warnings. I am not “attacking” the ministers who are obviously in error. I have nothing against them personally. I praise the Lord for every good thing in them and for every soul saved under their ministries. But souls saved are “in spite of “, not “because of ” many of their messages. God’s Word will not return to Him void. (Isaiah 55:11) I cannot and will not ignore the things they are doing “publicly” which I believe will eventually destroy thousands of sound churches and which will break down Godly walls between truth and error.

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Truth is more important than unity because without truth men cannot be saved and walk in the will of God. It is truth, not unity, which is the light in this dark world.” ~ Andy Neckar

Christian, please heed those who warn you. It may very well be that you are believing lies as truth. I am thankful to those who were bold enough to tell me of my errors. I have been very blessed through researching what they said even though I didn’t initially believe them. You will be, too, I promise you that, if you truly do love the truth. Besides, are you sure God didn’t send the warn-er to you for your own good and because God loves you and does not want to see His child in error? ~ Sherry


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