What’s the Big Deal About Christmas?

FTA: A positive thought which comes to me as I consider the focus of this movie (Saving Christmas) is that the truth of Christmas’ pagan origins, and the conviction that participating in such rites is contradictory to the will of God, is increasing to such an extent that it has now appeared on the radar of mainline denominational Christianity. It is no small decision for many believers to choose not to participate in Christmas, for it is a cherished holiday, loved as much by the unsaved as it is by those professing to be Christians. That so many are paying the cost of estrangement, reproaches, and being labeled extremist, by family, friends, and neighbors reveals that there remains a remnant who place obedience to God above personal interests.

Joseph Herrin (Originally posted on 12-06-2014) Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas – Poster Modified to Promote Tr…
parablesblog.blogspot.com|By Joseph Herrin

2 responses to “What’s the Big Deal About Christmas?

    • Sadly, most Christians have forgotten to keep the holy separate from the unholy. Clever that enemy is to meld the two and make it beautiful and fun for the whole family… enticing.

      Have a blessed day, Elizabeth!

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