Full Heads, Empty Hearts

A needed exhortation for both those who know God’s Word concerning the observing of pagan/papist/traditions of men and those who don’t know (or don’t care to know).  Prayerfully and humbly watch this video and learn what God would have us to know in our relation to our beloved brethren with the knowledge we have been given:

“He does not know that he does not know” that he is arrogant. This is why we must be prayerful when correcting others. Pray for God’s heart in the matter. We need to be mindful of our attitude-are we arrogant with the knowledge we have? Are we wanting to be right and do we have to get the last word in? Can we say what must be said, using God’s Word and His wisdom of approach, then leave it at that even if they reviled us? Are we willing to be corrected without taking offense? Can we not take offense though our corrector is wrong? Watchmen must be on their knees in prayer at all times that God may be glorified and not ourselves. Once we say what needs to be said, and have lovingly answered questions and have overlooked insults (and there will be those false accusations!) then we leave it with our Lord-its His work, not ours.


10 responses to “Full Heads, Empty Hearts

  1. I am going to watch these as soon as possible. One scripture that comes to mind all the time is Galatians 4:16~Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?
    Jesus said we would have tribulations in this world and I believe the majority of those come from the persecutions of the religious. That is ok. HE has over come all of that! He does it daily for us as we cling to Him and not the world \0/

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    • Amen! \o/

      This morning as I prayed the Lord told me that His children are under an enchantment-the enchantment of the Siren’s Song of X Mass-it’s beauty, its emotional feel-goodness, its ties to family togetherness, its making of the child Jesus into an idol. I pray that our Beloved Lord will break that enchantment (curse) off of His children, to take the mask off so they can see its evilness in causing disobedience to Him. He will bring His own out, of that I am sure…He did it for us! \o/

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      • Amen! And YES BELIEVE THIS: I have been given the same things this a.m. that you just shared! The other thing the Lord through His Holy Spirit keeps taking me back to Aaron and the golden calf. I do not believe the Lord has made us visual people. That is a trick of satan! If the Lord made us visual people then why would He tell us that we must worship Him in SPIRIT and TRUTH?!

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        • I love it when God confirms a matter He reveals to His children! \o/ Wow, that is true what the Lord showed you about the Golden calf. I never thought of your conclusion that sight is satan’s tool where worship is concerned. That is why God had the Bronze Serpent destroyed. Sight went from symbol of Christ’s work and became an idol. Why don’t we know Christ’s birth date? Well, Jews don’t celebrate their births but they know the day of it. It is idolatry to them. Baby Jesus has become an idol not unlike the Bronze Serpent had become. People are so prone to make idols and accompany it with the visuals. God be praised for His deliverance!

          Have a blessed day, Elizabeth! \o/

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