“(Jesus), Is there anything that makes you feel sick?”

David Pawson had a prayer meeting with other Christians where they asked Jesus; “Is there anything that makes you feel sick?”
The answer which they unanimously and instantly felt was, that Jesus replied with one word, “Christmas”.
This has led onto David Pawson teaching about Christmas as he does today.

Jesus was born at the time of Tabernacles – which is held sometime between the end of September to the beginning of October.
Pope Gregory sent an emissary to England to make it catholic. He reported back to Rome that he was unable to stop anyone from carrying on with the annual pagan cultic sexual festival of worshipping the sun on December 25th.
Gregory replied that the pagan festival should be; “baptised into Christ”.
So, a church “mass” for Christ was started for December 25th – the Christ mass. Pope Julius made it an official institution.

The most pagan sexual deviances continued on into the 14th Century with the “Lords of Misrule”, where even the worst pagan sexual customs continued to be practiced at Christmas time during the 12 days of Christmas, and the traditions, made it all acceptable.

The reformation helped to reign in the worst excesses of the pagan festivities. Luther came to hate Christmas, as Popes had endorsed the pagan festivities by “baptising them into Christ”, but Luther couldn’t stop it.
Calvin strongly opposed Christmas, (citing Colossians 3, forbidding festivals). Under Cromwell, Christmas was abolished by parliament until Cromwell was replaced with a new generation of monarchs, who re-introduced it…but Presbyterian Scotland succeeded in removing it and replaced it with “hogmanay”.

The Churches saw they were onto a good thing and began to cash in on Christmas…In the catholic church in Bethlehem they still show a cave which they say was where Jesus was born and say that a spot on the ground is where Mary spilt her breast milk, which they mark with a silver cross. The Bible tells us Jesus was born in the animal pen of an inn.
The result of the way churches have taken Christianity has led to a UN report finding that Britain is now officially the 2nd most godless nation on earth, which may surprise most people, especially Brits like me.

With Christmas we can pretend we are not pagan as we have a religion, albeit man made, and Christmas is still the time most people attend a church…but Christmas also means we do not have to obey Jesus, as we can see by all the world’s religions endorsing it – including even in Hamas held Bethlehem. The church has created a religion replacing the following the Person of Jesus with the worst level of self indulgence, all of which can be learned about on the 3 messages in this series, “Christ and Christmas”.

If you go to You Tube you will find the other two videos in this series but also many videos by David Pawson on Christmas and other subjects.


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