Tis the season to lie to little children.


I use to lie to my children during this season about a big red guy that knew if they were naughty or nice. About his reindeer that left droppings in the house. Dirt on the floor. Threaten them that if they don’t behave that red guy wasn’t going to bring them presents (sadly, they got them anyway.).

One (there are more!) of the most disturbing things to me about this fairy tale now when I look back  is that I lied to my children but punished them when they lied to me. It’s just for “fun” we say….really some children are devastated  when they find out that this big red guy is a big red lie.

Then we try to tell those same little children about God along with that fantasy. We expect them to believe us…hmmmm.

In the midst of the fantasy of the big red guy and how…

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3 responses to “Tis the season to lie to little children.

    • It is! People just don’t want to hear it when it comes to X Mass being an abomination to God. Its hard to see Christians celebrating it. I can understand it being done by those who don’t know better or have been convinced God approves by pastors who don’t know their scriptures as they should. This is a holiday with strong emotional cords to it. We know that as we get the bad rap when we warn our brethren. A sweet Christian spirit becomes a vicious “christmas spirit.” 😮

      Blessings be yours, Maria! (I know it must break your heart to see the un-holy day celebrated by loved ones.)

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