Principles From Pilate’s Life

From the post, “Christmas-Perpetuating the Lie”:

We as human beings are very influenced by our peers. Christmas has been one of those issues for me. I feel it’s time to share, with those who would be interested to hear, why I do not celebrate Christmas. Maybe a better way of saying it would be why I try not to celebrate Christmas. It seems to me that there is something supernatural “surrounding” the celebration of Christmas, because the pull to conform is incredible. This is what the Lord has shown me:…

There are certain principles to be gleaned from the life of Pilate. Years ago as I was seeking the Lord about celebrating Christmas I was led to study the following. I believe the principles apply. There are many reasons why we don’t do what we know to be right. The following excerpts are from the study notes of the New Life Application Bible:

“For Pilate there was never a doubt about Jesus’ innocence.

Pilate went against what he knew was right.

Pilate chose the easier path rather than standing up against the crowd.

Pilate’s greatest sin was compromising what he knew to be true and right for the sake of position, status, and personal gain.

Pilate had no good excuse to condemn Jesus, but he was afraid of the mob.

In making no decision, Pilate made the decision to let the crowds crucify Jesus. Although he washed his hands, the guilt remained. Washing your hands of a tough situation doesn’t cancel your guilt. It merely gives you a false sense of peace. Don’t make excuses – take responsibility for the decisions you make.”

Read the rest of the article here.


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