Pastor Jim Murphy Tells Congregation: ‘We’re going to root this stuff out of our ministry’

FTA: “Now is the time for clarity. No more messing around. No more experimentation. No more dabbling into these dangerous practices. Now is the time for clarity and that clarity comes through discernment: this ability to think Biblically. The ability to read a book and see what it is saying aside from the warm fuzzy you got from it. Discernment takes time and it takes work and shame on you for not taking the time and effort. shame on you.”

Steak and a Bible

I just finished listening to this message, The Subtlety of Satan, by Pastor Jim Murphy of First Baptist Church of Johnson City, N.Y. (Hat tip to Stand Up for the Truth) If you can carve out an hour to listen to it, you need to hear this message. I’m not exaggerating. This is important! It is the most thorough warning I’ve heard in some time, but that’s not all it is.

Murphy clearly traces the disintegration of Christianity and its falling away from the truth of the gospel and into more and more error through history – from the attacks on the authority of scripture in the late 1940s, through 1960s liberalism, to modern day mysticism and contemplative spirituality. But in the final ten minutes of the message it becomes crystal clear that this is not mere academics for Pastor Murphy, he is brokenhearted by the error he…

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