Are You Slandering John Calvin?

This is an excellent video for Biblical counsel concerning those we view as heretics and how important it is to do the research on anyone we have concerns with. Looking at both sides and considering the historical context helps. But, in all instances, we need to be very careful we are not repeating slanders from those who don’t like a particular doctrinal stance because they believe it to be false.


23 responses to “Are You Slandering John Calvin?

    • You have my prayers. Remember, the idea of “perversions” and “New Age versions” came from Riplinger-she is not to be trusted (the only New Age “version” is the Message, a paraphrase, which has the very terminology of New Agers). If anyone says that the KJV is the only inspired Word of God and it is like changing God’s words then the KJV has become an idol. The Greek and Hebrew texts are the languages that the authors used and are the original God inspired Word. Translations are just that-translations of the inspired authors’ languages. KJV is in an antiquated language yet, if one can translate it into modern terminology without meaning changes, then it is the best translation.

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      • This may be a correction? Before G.A. Riplinger was Peter Ruckman. He said this:

        “The King James test is the last and final statement that God has given to the world, and He has given it in the universal language of the 20th century … The truth is that GOD SLAMMED THE DOOR OF REVELATION SHUT IN 389 BC AND SLAMMED IT SHUT AGAIN IN 1611”
        –Peter Ruckman, The Monarch of Books, Pensacola, 1973, p. 9.

        My source

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      • From David Cloud’s article: “I know these words make even some of my friends cringe, but I still believe this. Why? Because his strange ideas, his multiple divorces, his angry spirit, his arrogance, his Alexandrian cult mentality, his extremism regarding the KJV being advanced revelation, and his bizarre private doctrines tends to cause men to reject the entire issue.”

        This angry spirit, this arrogant attitude, seems to be the same that his followers have, and worse! This is a characteristic of idolizing the KJV. Disobedience to the KJV by these blinded people seems not to matter to their followers.

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        • That struck me too. So very glad you found info on this subject – it has helped me and your enthusiasm shows it must have helped you.

          Hey, thought you were calling it a day, sis! This is fascinating and edifying, though – hard to call it quits. God bless you!

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        • Yes, I really found the meat of the subject! I had to chew through it at times! I had to read David Cloud’s assessment. He is right, too, because I have turned away many times from wanting to hear about KJV’s superiority. Last night, er, early this a.m., I got up to listen to James White’s video on translations, canon rules, and using Greek in our studies. I did not know that, even for little old housewives like myself, it is important to learn a bit of Greek and Hebrew for ourselves!

          My conclusion on the KJV is that it is the best translation but it surely is not God-breathed but a preservation of the inspired Word of God and that there is nothing shameful in using other translations (unless its the Message and such perversions). Even James White said in the video that Christians have to study more in our time than ever before now that immorality is starting to be the norm of our society and that we, western Christians, have a greater responsibility to do so because we have easier access to information via the internet.

          Now, about the Alexandrian text…I have to look into that! I heard that it got corrupted when Jerome translated it into Latin then Erasmus came along to correct it…

          Have a blessed day!

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        • Thanks, Maria! I really like this guy. I never paid much attention to him, though, because I thought he was into the things that were way over my head. But listening to his lectures and debates, he knows how to make the subjects understandable.

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