Deceiving Spirits


The spirit of Antichrist is leading the church headlong into apostasy as it embraces many different forms of heresy.  One particularly dangerous heresy is the false teaching of contemplative spirituality.  This false teaching is being taught without opposition in Bible Colleges, seminaries, theological institutions, and Christian universities throughout the country because Christian college accrediting associations are making it mandatory to teach spiritual formation for accreditation.  Contemplative spirituality, known as spiritual formation, is leading many people astray and opening them up to deceiving spirits.  These false spirits have led and will lead those who practice these spiritual disciplines into openly denying the truth about Jesus Christ, that He is the Son of God Who came to take away our sins reconciling us to God our Father and giving us eternal life.  There are many testimonies of those who have practiced contemplative spirituality turning away from the faith once for all delivered…

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