Should Christians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?


“Does St. Valentine’s Day Have Pagan Origins?”

Excerpts from various studies on the history of Valentine’s Day:

Christian Valentine?


Did you know that centuries before Christ, the pagan Romans celebrated February 15 and the evening of February 14 as an idolatrous and sensuous festival in honor of Lupercus, the “hunter of wolves”?    But how did this pagan festival acquire the name of St. Valentine’s Day? And why is the little naked Cupid of pagan Rome so often associated today with February 14? And why do little children and young people still cut out hearts and send them on a day in honor of Lupercus, the hunter of wolves? Why have we supposed these pagan customs in honor of a false god are Christian? (Read more here.)


As innocent and harmless as St. Valentine’s Day may appear, its traditions and customs originate from two of the most sexually perverted…

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10 responses to “Should Christians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

  1. You know, I didn’t care one way or the other about this Day, or St. Pat’s (even as a kid I wore orange on that Day because that stood for the Protestant Irish, of which I hail-heehee!), until I read this article. I quit celebrating St. Val Day not just because it was RCC birthed but because I didn’t like there being a day separated to show one’s love for another.

    Have a blessed day, ladies! Maranatha! \o/

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