Love Warns



4 responses to “Love Warns

  1. Right….! Exactly what is happening today! What I am encountering is people ask why I left the Catholic Church and when I tell them they say well, I have been catholic my whole life I can’t change now or they change the subject mid stream after they have asked me…so sad 😦 praying the seeds the Lord has given me to plant fall on fertile ground . It is nice to understand what it means despise the religion but still have love -that only our Saviour Jesus can put on our hearts- for the lost.

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    • Praise be to our God and Savior for putting that love in us for those who are led astray by religious deception! Oh, how sad it is that so many do not care as they ought for their eternal soul’s sake! May God break up the fallow ground of the hearts of those who you lovingly warn! amen!

      God bless you, Elizabeth, in all that you do for His kingdom, by His power and for His glory! amen! \o/


      • Amen!
        This pope is so well liked by so many outside of Catholicism also!
        I read an article in our local paper a “pastor” from a Christian Church-Non-denominational- is going to public places and smearing ashes on peoples foreheads??? U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!
        It is so evident of the times that we are in that Jesus spoke of!!!

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