X Mass Songs That Are Not Scripturally Sound

quotes and notes and opinions

Please reflect on the manner in which our Lord Jesus is portrayed in the Epistles and the Revelation of the New Testament —  risen, glorified, coming again, and High Priest. The traditional, seasonal hymns are woefully lacking by not representing this pattern of teaching. Rather than being pleased with mixture of truth and error, there is clear indication in Scripture that such mixture is abhorrent to God! Proverbs 30:6 clearly warns against adding to the Word of God.

The following are brief observations of the many errors and weaknesses to be found in selections generally designed to be used at a certain season of commemoration:

Text: 12th cent. Latin
Tune: Processionale, 15th cent.; adapt. Thomas Helmore, 1854
This song was introduced into Protestant Christianity by John M. Neale of the Oxford Movement. It comes from medieval Roman Catholicism. Only verses 1 &…

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